Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

The Warrior
By Larry S. Clark

This morning my thoughts traveled along
To a place in my life where days have since gone
Beholding an image of what I used to be
As visions were stirred and God spoke to me.

He showed me a Warrior, a soldier in place
Positioned by Heaven, yet I saw no face
I watched as the Warrior fought enemies
That came from the darkness with destruction for me.

I saw as the Warrior would dry away tears
As all of Heaven’s angels hovered so near
I saw many wounds on the Warrior’s face
Yet weapons of warfare were firmly in place.

I felt my heart weeping, my eyes held so much
As God let me feel the Warrior’s prayer touch
I thought, "how familiar", the words that were prayed
The prayers were like lightning that never would fade.

I said to God, "Please, tell me the Warrior’s name."
He gave no reply, He chose to refrain
I asked, "Lord, who is broken that they need such prayer?"
He showed me an image of myself standing there.

Bound by confusion, lost and alone
I felt the prayers of the Warrior carry me home
I asked, "Please show me, Lord, this Warrior so true."
I watched and I wept,


The Warrior By Larry S. Clark, Copyright.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW. I am still crying. What a beautiful poem Deborah. I am overwhelmed with tears. Thank you! You are so gifted! Thanks for visiting me and have a great Sunday. ANita

Deborah said...

Oh, please note! I have credited the AUTHOR of this beautiful poem above: Larry S. Clark!
Not me.

KeKe said...

Great post (poem)!!

Is that your mom on that bike??

Happy Mothers Day!!

Deborah said...

Yes, that is my Mommy on her Harley! They have quite a story about out-running the "cops" one night!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Your momma looks smashing and YOU have good taste in poems as well as being one yourself! Have a happy weekend! Anita

Just A Girl said...

What a beautiful poem! And I must say, your mother looks too darling on that Harley!! Hey! Darling like you!!!

I hope you have a very blessed Mother's Day!!

sending you a hug and a kiss ;)


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

What a beautiful poem that goes beautifully with Mama on the Harley!

Happy Mothers Day to you dear friend!

Bella Sinclair said...

Beautiful and moving poem. Have a fantastic Mother's Day! You have one very cool mom. :D

ps. ooooh! You have a Renee Award! Congratulations. Your blog is wonderful!

Ces Adorio said...

Happy Mother's day deborah. You have wonderful reasons to celebrate! Your mom is cool she is hot!