Friday, June 19, 2009

Party at the Cantina/Share a Garden Sunday

Double Post!
More of a Garden "Area".
I'm joing Artie
With my Cantina party. Visit Artie
for more beautiful garden tours!

Oh my, what a little tease I have been.
But really,




I was sworn to secrecy

till The Mister finished his creation.

And What A Creation
it is!

I really think he outdid himself this time . . .
Would you believe there are doors hidden on this panel?

The inside of the bar is completed in the same fashion
with all the doors completely hidden!

See what he did with that barrel!
It is now the charcoal grill!!!
Oh, he is a clever one, that hubby.

The bar is made of re-purposed wood for free!

We did have to purchase the tile, but I knew exactly
what I wanted.
Hubby came up with the perfect pattern for the inserts!

I exhausted myself shopping for the perfect clock.

And perfect wall accessories from the second hand store.

They were the perfect birthday gift for my talented little builder.


Best view of the yard is standing behind the bar.
Not to worry . . . we got him a bar stool too!

Oh LOOK . . . The sun is going down.

Why YES, that IS an antique jukebox you see by the chimania.
I just happen to have a quarter . . .

I saved a seat

Just for YOU.


Just A Girl said...

Yes you have been a tease...a terrible tease indeed, but now we've been rewarded FINALLY!!! What an excellent use of that pipe!!!! Where is the pipe, hee!!! hee!!!

Oh I would love to sit and have a margarita with you, but alas they don't like me at all. I'd have one, then I'd have two, then there'd be three and before you know it I'll be falling off my stool and on to the ground. Who knows, I may even roll into the pool ;-0! I have no control and let me tell you sister, "it ain't perdy."

xoxo Cori

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh! I LOVE this little cantina! Feels like being at a great outdoor cafe in Mexico! Amazing!

Renee said...

Oh dear hubby how nice of you to build a table for two. Why me and Deborah of course.

It is fantastic. I love it what a great job.

The colour is amazing.

Love Renee

Rum and coke in a tall glass with a lime please.


kj said...

deborah, this is AWESOME. that view looking to the pool makes me wish i were your neighbor and you just invited me over.

i like my cheeseburgers medium. and i'm bringing three bottles of wine, plus my capaccino machine.


Ces Adorio said...

Oh wow Deborah, perfect for summer. Happy Father's Day to your husband. I know he has every reason to be a proud father.

Happy barbecuing. Don't forget the mosquito repelant.

Anonymous said...

HEINIKEN fust ?!! wow

(dutch) Ariadone

Unknown said...

I'm coming over!!! I'll bring the margaritas.
That is great!!!Do you rent him out?

Brenda Pruitt said...

This is gorgeous! Right directly up my alley! I'm having a deck built right now. Slow process; one guy. I will have to forward this to him and show him how beautiful this is. Great post!

kj said...

i've arrived. i brought a case of california wine and two bottles of sambuca.

and i brought ice cream, cookies, brownies, key lime pie and jelly beans.

i am savoring the company already.


Debi Oostendorp said...

It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! Why didn't I clone him years ago?!?!

Just A Girl said...

Happy Sunday Darling Deb!

Will you be serving up cappuccino's in the cabana? I'd like one of those please. Your garden is so beautiful and I'll bet you just sit out there for hours...I know I would ;-).

xoxo Cori

Renee said...

I hope you have sent these pictures to Private Ryan so he can come home and have a cool one.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Carrie said...

Just beautiful...and the accessories are great too!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH MY have such a haven...really, I am lacking the right words! It is so colorful and happy and a vacation spot in your own home. These men of ours really know what makes us tick! You are a queen in your own castle my dear, and eat it up! Or in this case, drink it up! Cheers and happy vacationing in the wonderful confines of your own glorious home. Thank you always, for visiting my corner of the country! Blessings, Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Greetings from NOCTURNE!
There is more enchantment to come, so mosey on down when you need an escape! Anita

Linda said...

I'm coming
Awesome Cantina!

xxx said...

what a fun garden you guys have created...
thanks for saving a seat, i'm on my way.

best wishes

niartist said...

Oh Deb, this is gorgeous - he outdid himself, indeed! I love the tile choices, and the whole thing - just makes me jealous! :) Thanks for playing along again this week with SAGS! I appreciate having you! :)

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Wow...this is stunning! I am soooo jealous! Ok, when you have a shindig...take pics and share so I can live vicariously! Totally awesome! Susan

Martha said...

It's a great entertaining space -- for cocktails AND dinner!

Anonymous said...

Oh my that is an awesome creation! I can't believe it. Love the little bar- gin and tonic please! Your back yard is so wonderful and I love the way you hung the little hats above the bar. Your blog is so inspiring. If I could just borrow your long season of warm weather and your husband I could have a bar of my own.
The tile is beautiful- along with everything else. Loved the tour even if I was late to the party.

Mary Bergfeld said...

What beautiful tile choices. They are almost electric in their color. You have created a lovely oasis.

Lost Aussie said...

Wow..what a fabulous very talented fellow is your hubby.
Cheers and chink chink to you!

Renee said...

Deborah that was so funny.

I stuck to that diet for about two weeks and went right back to eating crap.

By the way, that is Josephine's favourite snack.

Love Renee xoxo

Anonymous said...

Mr. J says thanks for the compliment on his legs. He had to look at the picture after he heard he got rave reviews- too funny. BTW meant to tell you the french bull dog in my post a few days ago is my daughters dog. have a great evening.


UM, I'm coming to live with you guys.... :D

MissBliss said...

Cute Cantina! LOVE the blue tile.

Also, your Alice tea party is wonderful, I love that the bunny is a cat, and when Alice texts her attorney! Hilarious! Thanks for tickling our funny bones!