Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stamp of Approval


Morning coffee at 6:00 a.m.  It’s cooling down in the desert this weekend . . .

high today of only 93.

Can I get a YIPPEE!




Silke Powers said...

Oh, my, what a lovely spot for a morning coffee!! Wow, it's downright cool here today compared to where you are...only in the mid-80's! Can't complain... Love, Silke

kj said...

what you know, deborah....


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I have the A/C set at 69.
It is humid as all get out with the temps just in the high 70's but feels like 90's.
I hate humidity.
In fact, I am not sure I am a summer person....I think I'm more Halloween-type....chilly breezes, the color of Autumn.....freezing my ass off.
Hot flashes make one appreciate those things.... :D


~Babs said...

Gorgeous photo, Deb!
We used to have Koi,,do yours swim over to you when it's time to be fed?

audrey said...


I had a pond with koi in it when I lived in Ohio. I loved my pond, Deb, and I found it soothing to watch the koi.... Until the ducks discovered the pond one day ~ they had a very expensive dinner that night. And I was very unhappy.

I read your comment on Jan's blog about the dried up, petrified lizards you find in your house. I would be sad to see them like that.

Enjoy your cool spell, Deb.

♥ audrey

Manon said...

I'll be over tomorrow at 6:00am for a morning walk. I'm sure you won't be reading this anytime soon because it might be margy night!!

yoborobo said...

I LOVE YOUR POND. And I grew up in the desert, and remember well having conversations that started with, "It's only going to be 93 today!" lol!
Enjoy your fishies. :) xox!

kj said...

babs' comment tripped my memory. i had a fish--i don't know if she was officially a koi, but she came when i called everytime.

i'd be out in my patio at 7 am lovingly calling, 'tillie! good morning tillie!, and i would hear jessica from the upstairs window,
'mom, you woke me up!'

i won't say what happened to tillie but i carry guilt even though i know she forgives me. :)


Unspoken said...

You got it! YIIIIIIIIIIIPY! :)

Butterfly Works said...

The water looks refreshing and a perfect place to sit and ponder.....N.C. is hot too.....we'll soon be in the 90's..

Bella Sinclair said...


Oh dang, what? It's only 6am? I'm going back to bed.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

oh I hear ya...90 with 90 percent humidity. Oy. I'm not ready..........

audrey said...

I wonder what it is about the dining room that attracts them.?
At least you know they are dead and you don't have to scream anymore. They wouldn't hurt you anyway, Deborah - they are harmless little creatures.
BTW, this picture is very calming. I wouldn't mind sitting next to that pond for a while.
Have a nice evening, Deb.
♥ audrey

Kellie Collis said...

Love morning coffee! xx

Ces Adorio said...

Yipppeee everday from me sweet. I drew your portrait with a tear. I will try to tansmit it for your approval. I won't post if you no likey. You and Bella made me change directions with this series. TSUP!!!

kj said...

"I suggest alfalfa instead...a much more subtle scent, and if mixed with the scent of leather and horse, oh so yummy"

deb, ahem, this would be a new and untried experience for me. i might need guidance, or would all those scents just carry me into wildly unabashed moments ? :)

i couldn't stop laughing at the image. yes, definitely better than mulch!

now for the blue tomatoes: those are little cut up plastic cups placed around the tomatoes because bugs and worms cannot manage to climb up them and thus will not bore into the plants. actually i should have used styrofoam but blue and red cups were all i had.

have a good day, deb. the sisterhood insists.


Unknown said...

oh man!!! that is way too hot!!! here it is 83 today and we are hot enough!!!

Wonderful to see you are enjoying a 6 am coffee!!! yikesssssss!!! I am so not a morning morning starts after 9

Unknown said...

These glorious warm mornings are my favourite.
It's not desert here, but unseasonably warm