Friday, June 11, 2010



Meet the new pool cleaner.  Mr. Pool Shark is doing a super uber job of keeping the water sparkling clean.


After power walking yesterday morning, instead of doing yoga by the pool, I decided to get IN the pool for survival. Even at 5:30 in the morning temps are in the 80’s and climbing.  After swimming a few laps I floated about the pool, for I was wearing my orthopedic swimsuit which also acts as a flotation device; must be the spandex.  Or body fat percentage.  Whatever.

TomAto, TomOto.

I love floating in water, sound blocked out, feeling weightless.  As I drift, my mind also drifts . . . for just a minute I feel like that 17-year-old girl at the lake swimming like a mermaid with my entire life ahead of me.

Mostly I think about how we have survived, thrived, after those years in the darkness, walking into walls, head banging, knees raw from praying.  How my children have become more than I ever wished for.  I think about how I overcame the fear that kept me stuck in a job that was sucking the life out of me and how free and weightless I am now and I realize that I still have my entire life ahead of me.

A Super Uber Life.

Oh ya.



Vicki Holdwick said...

Wonderful post; so personal, yet universal!

I retired early when I wasn't sure I should, but have that same great feeling of weightlessness and freedom.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You have said it all so very well....sometimes the turns in life are there for a purpose, and it is not necessarily one that we can see.
And then there is the turn in the road where the sun is shining and everything is in a state of *perfect* that beautiful blue pool, and the girl floating in it!


P.S. I am going to package myself in a big box and mail it to you, then sneak into your garden to live by the pool..... :)

Silke Powers said...

I can so relate to what you said! When I look at my life now, it's hard to even see anymore how hard it used to be, yet all of those things made me into the person I am today. Let's keep floating for a while...

Love, Silke

P.S. Can I come swim with you and Anne?!

Kaerie Faerie said...

you rock, the golden years are the best, I'm enjoying every minute, and you seem to be doing a fine job of living every moment!

Unspoken said...

I was so hoping for a pool boy ;). TomAto, TomOto, weightlessness of 17 is always somewhere deep inside of us. Yes, water knows how to find her.

audrey said...

I am trying very hard to remain calm. I just typed you a lengthy comment and it disappeared in a metter of seconds for no reason. Counting to 10 now and then I will start over.

Deborah, do you think there is a box big enough to fit Anne, Silke and me in it, to be shipped off to AZ?? Your pool and gardens are SO welcoming....
This is a beautiful post. You have such a wonderful outlook, Deborah. I love reading that you have your entire life ahead of you. I feel that way most of the time and it saddens me to hear SO many people talk like their life is just about over. As long as the good Lord allows me time on this earth, there are things to do, places to go, and friends to meet. I am not ready to sit down and shrivel up. My DH sometimes tells me that I am never going to die because I have SO many projects lined up. (:
Being a 17-year-old again sounds wonderful, but I would not want to live through much of the crap again on the journey that got me to where I am now.
Beautiful post, Deborah. You are a beautiful lady both inside and out.
♥ audrey

Marie S said...

You are blessed!!
Stay cool and have a uber great weekend Gorgeous!

Just A Girl said...

Oh Darling DEb! Your backyard is so so dreamy!!!! I don't think I've seen it from this angle before, but it is so dreamy. Like a desert oasis from an movie.

Skinned knees build faith and strengthen hearts and thankfully there is One who carries us through it all. I'm thankful He brought you and your beautiful family through it.

oxxo Cori

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

You always leave the sweetest thoughts and comments for me, Deborah! You truly have the abundant gift of encouragement. Thank you so very much, my darling friend!

Definitely look into the GE profile. I really love it! I think it is time for a new one for you!

P.S. I want your pool! Badly! :)

yoborobo said...

I love that feeling, of floating in the pool, and looking up at the sky with the clouds sailing over. I grew up in the desert, and the pool was a very lovely escape from the heat. :) You are a dynamo, Miss Deb. Uber dynamo. :) xox! Pam

Unknown said...

Wonderful post! Have a sweet day!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hi Deborah!
Oh my, that 17 year old seems a very long time ago. And sometimes she's just yesterday.

What a long, strange trip it's been -- good and not so good -- and I am so grateful to have ended up where I am and grateful to have precious people around me.

What a beautiful post! Oh, that pool . . . it's humid today, and that would be dreamy.

Thanks for your comments -- they are a highlight for me!
Hugs, Cass

Unknown said...

oh that is some cool pool cleaner...under the water it looks like a shark!!! wonderful to see you enjoying the cleanest pool in your neck of the woods!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Deborah!!!


Bella Sinclair said...

OOoooohhhhhh, look at you and your pretty new avatar!!!!

Here's to weightlessness and silence and light at the other side of darkness and pool cleaners in all shapes and forms!

You know, in a way, the time now is much better than life at 17. As a teenager, there's so much angst and pressure and worry about what school to attend, what job to get, and oh my goodness, what is going on with my face. But now! Now is the time to truly relax in wisdom and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Kiss Kiss Kiss!!!