Monday, September 20, 2010

All His Love is a Symphony

I’ve been keeping my hopes unbroken, yeah!


So, TODAY I had a GOOD interview, as opposed to a BAD interview, which went something like this . . . except I didn’t really SAY these answers aloud.  Please keep in mind I have had the same job for 25 years and no one has asked me what I think of myself for ages.

Interviewer:   What would you say your strengths are?

Me (thinking):  Well, definitely my legs.

Interviewer:   What would you say your weaknesses are?

Me (thinking):  Oh, my arms, without a doubt!

Interviewer:  What are your career goals?

Me (thinking):  Oh, I don’t WANT a career.

Interviewer:  Where do you see yourself in five years?

Me (thinking):  Collecting my Social Security?

Today I actually had ANSWERS, but he didn’t even ask those silly questions.  I left feeling GOOD about myself!

I’ve been keeping my hopes unbroken, yeah!



Manon said...

I have that song on my it!!
Best interview answers ever!! LOve them!! LOL

Unknown said...

great taste in music Deb,

and I will keep fingers crossed for this interview to material into the perfect non career job.

I remember my first interview when I decided to no longer be "just" a stay at home mom. It was terrifying and it was only in a garden nursery . I can't remember what I said I was so nervous.

Just A Girl said...

Silly Lady! I've seen those arms and they are definitely not a weak, if you took a look at mine you may be reminded of one of fashions biggest faux pas...the dolman sleeve...tee hee!!!!
I am glad that your interview went well and that none of those ridiculous questions were asked. Keeping you in my prayers ;-).

PoetessWug said...

Continue to keep those job hopes unbroken! Something is bound to come along you love!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

OMG Deb! I think what you were *thinking* were excellent answers....which probably explains why I am out inthe country, by myself, in the studio....(rolls eyes!)
I am unfit to be around normal humans.


yoborobo said...

Deb - I am so happy you left feeling good about yourself. Which is exactly how all of us feel about you. :)) xox!

Kaerie Faerie said...

too funny, I like the collecting SS part, even though I can't imagine being asked any of those questions at my age LOL

Jan said...

You're funny and cute!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, you SHOULD have given those fabulous answers! Anyone who would ask those tired old interview questions deserves to have their world shaken up a bit.

Keeping my fingers crossed! You are too wonderful not to hire.


Ces Adorio said...

I will hire you any time! Definitely your legs! HAHAHAHAHA! Tsup! Tsup!

audrey said...

Beautiful song, Deb!
YAY, you had a GOOD interview! I hope things work out for you. I can't imagine that they won't - you have the kind of personality that sweeps people off their feet!
Thinking only good thoughts for you, sweet lady.
♥ audrey

Marie S said...

He probably would have hired you if you used those answers Deb.
If not he would have peed his pants laughing and you would have made his day!!
You made mine!! LOL!!
Love and hugs gorgeous, good luck!!

Anonymous said...

So...I try a little boldness..I might think that you: have leave no man behind.... and you are beautiful...
I'd say: stop selling yourself to the economic slavery and go traveling in ...the carts are dealt...
You might consider traveling the world -tour called : MILO ....then when you are over here with me ...I would spoil you a bit...and send you on your way again ...For you have alraidy earned heaven ...consider who's wife you are and who's mother you are these past few years...
Dikke kus ( huge kiss )
lieve groeten

Anonymous said...

PS To define yourself anew don't let other people judge over you anymore...

illustration poetry said...


Carolyn said...

lol - great " thinking " answers Deb !! ;o) You would have certainly stood out if you had given them !! I`ve been asked the odd one only once , and it threw me .. and i thought why ask me these .. do they not want to hire me for who i am and how i can do the job ? needless to say i didn`t get it ..