Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random and Odd Occurrences and a Milo Update


Everyone seems to be enjoying the new deeper sink.


MeowMeow is missing some fur on her nose. 


I found this escapee from some toxic waste pond in my POOL! 



The Canna Cousins are still battling it out.


Milo’s parents are anxiously awaiting his return home!!!


They came out of the closet shortly after Milo embarked on his World Tour, announcing that the world did NOT end at midnight on

December 31, 1999. 

Although Cori does not think that they are Milo’s birth parents,

as she said that purple and green do NOT make yellow.

To be continued . . .


linda cardina said...

OMG! i absolutely love the character in the left hand corner of your blog "" that should be on my blog. so cute...and so is this post.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh Deb! That little froggie is so cute! He just wants to enjoy the Blue Pool too!
Nice to meet Mr. and Mrs. Milo Sr. do they know what their son has been up to????
His cousin Melvin looks suspiciously like the purple side of the family.....


Just A Girl said...

Yep! Now I'm even more convinced that those two are not Milo's parents...they look nothing like him, hee hee!!!
Darlingest of Debaloo's, didn't you ever kiss frogs as a little girl? I did and as many as I could find AND, if I'd a found such a lovely little froggy swimming in my pool I might just pluck him out with a net and kiss him too...eeewwww!!!
Nice sink ;-).
xoxo cori

yoborobo said...

I think the frog is cute, but I wouldn't want to go swimming with him. :) Milo's parents look like they have been nipping the rum, Deb. Just sayin'. xox! Pam

Kaerie Faerie said...

Why do Kitties like the sink, that is too funny, my Kitty likes to hang out in the bath-tub, maybe they were Cat-fish in another life, I hope those aren't those poison frogs EWE

Unknown said...

love the frog!!

Carousel Dreams said...

Oh, your kitties are so gorgeous - love the shot of puss in the sink! I have been popping in, but my @#$%&@# computer won't let me play your little videos - aggghhh! Anyway, I'm here now, and as always, I'm leaving with a smile...thanks for your lovely words on my little blog xxx (ps...sorry for swearing, but sometimes you just gotta!)

illustration poetry said...

ohh CATS!!!!
i want your CATS!!!!!

Ces Adorio said...

Hahahahah! Cori is right. Where is Milo? I love the new sink and what happened to Meow Meow's nose? The lily is gorgeous. It almost looks like an abstract painting.

Manon said...

Nice sink!! That frog..... would of scared!
Mr. and the Mrs. Milo are super adorable. Where is that little scoundrel Milo?

SaraLynnArt said...

What awesome photos! You have the most beautiful cats. <3

Also, what a cool frog photo! (even if he doesn't belong there, tehe)


Bella Sinclair said...

You have to admit, toxic ponds produce cool looking frogs. Do you think he glows in the dark?

Hahaha! I think Mommy Milo had better watch Daddy Milo's wandering hand. Like father, like son.

illustration poetry said...

My grandewitch is leaving...

Unknown said...

oh everything is so beautiful....the kitties,,, the new sink....the frog...the flowers....must be so nice to have all that warm weather...our pool is closed for the season and Cole keeps hoping for we can make our first snowman of the year!!!

oh blessings!!!

Have a wonderful day!!! night!!!

illustration poetry said...

im so crying.

audrey said...

Beautiful sink.
Cute kitty.
I love the color of the frog!! Milo's parents? You have the whole family living with you, Deb? Just where is Milo and his sweetie? Things have been a bit too quiet where he is concerned.
♥ audrey

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Where o where is that little millenium bug anyway??!

His parents look purple and green with worry!

Lovely cat lounge-o-matic!

Silke Powers said...

I LOVE the frog in your pool - what a perfect design!! And Milo's (maybe) parents - they look like they have no idea what (mis)adventures their son has been having... Hope you are doing great!! Love, Silke