Friday, November 11, 2011



Happy Veterans Day

to my favorite two-time war vet (and his side-kick)

and to all of those who serve or have served.

Let us honor them not just today,

but every day.



yoborobo said...

Heck yeah! Thank you, Ryan!

Ces Adorio said...

Thank you Ryan and to Brawny Man too. Thank you to all the great men and women who dedicate their lives so that we may live in freedom, the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States, the greatest in the world, no question.

Ces Adorio said...

Oh FYI, My barber Bella is responsible for my sexy handlebar :)

audrey said...

Absolutely!! Thank you, Ryan!!!!
How wonderful to have him home.
♥ audrey

kj said...


deb, you have raised a brave son and soldier and a proud and loving father. it's so obvious.
i have been back to look at the photo on your previous post multiple times: it is as tender a portrait of a father and child as i have ever seen.


Bella Sinclair said...

Absolutely, absolutely. Every single day. Thank you, Ryan! Thank you to all veterans and servicemen/women! Hooyah!

(Don't believe Ces. I deny everything.)

~Babs said...

Echoing your HOOYAH,,,,for yours, for mine, and for all the others, you bet!

And I totally adore the photo in the previous post!

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving.
Each day is a gift . It truly is .
I know you know this.

sending love and peace and


illustration poetry said...

Dearest Deborah,

Apologize for not blogging much lately, but i read your comments (thank you for visiting my blog), and i am sending good thoughts and prayers your (and your family's) way. You are a beautiful person, you have beautiful soul, may the Lord continue to bless you & your family ♥

kisses and hugs from the oldwitch