Thursday, April 5, 2012

Too Much Time Looking Up

There’s a reason the stars keep falling; they’re jealous of the things we get to see by just being here on the ground”.

I have BIG love for

Lacey Roop.



Ces Adorio said...

Cool hair!

I have been to Eugene. It has the highest suicide rate in the US, but may now be overshadowed by Portland.

Ah Austin. Apple Inc. wants to build a factory in Austin but the people who run the city of Austin demand that for Apple Inc. in order to receive government funding for starting the business there which will create thousands of jobs, MUST hire people from certain low socioeconomic levels. What happened to hiring the best man or woman for the job? We are changing qualifications from competent and able to "poor"?

I understand we need dreamers. yes. But let's not demonize the 35 year old guy who toils and labors at his job as someone "not living." The taxes he pays supports dreamers.


Just saying, you know?


Deborah said...

Oh Ces, your hyper-intelligence is only one of the many things I love about you, and the fact that you use both sides of your brain! Of course I do not resonate with her on two points; forgetting God and prayer, but the rest is so beautiful I barely even hear the F-word. Let me print out Lacey's words so there is no confusion as to what she is saying:

The Gravity of Stars

Discovered while staring at the bottom of a coffee-cup
That I’ve spent too much time looking-up.
That if your head is arched too high up in the clouds
You can’t appreciate how much you have grown once you have forgotten the ground.

I want to forget about stars.
About things that fly.
And God.


I want to find magnitude in a molehill
Hard work on an ant’s back
Bad choice in an empty bottle
Forgiveness in a person’s car wreck
I want to see color in a blind man’s eyes.


Tell me when it was when I forgot about simplicity.
When I started to believe that someone who could do trigonometry in their head
Mattered more than a 33-year-old man who finally learned how to live.


We need to remember to go up to every person we see with scars
Shake their hand and say
Congratulations, You survived whatever it was that is….


Stop wishing on stars and start believing in ourselves again


This world is a ticking time bomb
Everyday that passes is just another moment less—


I want to see my reflection in an eye of a fly
No more stargazing.
Waterfall wishing.
Prayer giving.


I’m starting to get a crook in my neck by starring in the clouds for too long
I want to be inspired by heartbeats again
Hold people like my favorite book
Kiss the fat pimple on a teenager’s forehead and say
I hope you don’t think this is a factor in how beautiful you are,….
Because it is not.



Tell Michael Ray Stevens
It doesn’t make you bad to be in love with a boy—….
Love is what makes us human…..
Be happy that you feel something for someone—….
You’d be surprised how difficult that is for some…..


I want to tell pilots to try swimming.
That the sky is way too fucking beautiful for us to be in it,
We need to come down from our high-horse.


Tomorrow I’m going to travel Austin by crawling on my knees
In hopes that when I stand back up I’ll see things differently.


I’m done dreaming of astronauts
The moon is a made-up romantic


Put me in the pavement.
Lie my carcass in the cracks.
Let me be humbled by the power of speaking by the silent dance
Of a deaf man’s hands


Want to watch closely the movement of the lips of a mute
Who wishes for nothing other than to hear the sound of his voice
Visit a hospital and hold the hand of a woman in a comma dreaming
About making love with her lover again


The sky has nothing in it as interesting as the diversity of this earth,
That is why I don’t care anymore about flying


There is a reason the stars keep falling
They are jealous of the things we get to see
By just being here—
On the ground.

Ces Adorio said...

"I’m starting to get a crook in my neck by starring in the clouds for too long
I want to be inspired by heartbeats again
Hold people like my favorite book
Kiss the fat pimple on a teenager’s forehead and say
I hope you don’t think this is a factor in how beautiful you are,….
Because it is not."

Okay, so just do it! These are things ordinary people do everyday and they don't have to say the "F" word.

I thought for a while that God was on leave. When my sister passed away, I saw the sadness in my sisters' and brothers' eyes and in the eyes of her friends. You know, I saw God in their faces. There was a certain serenity and peace that rose above the sadness. What I am trying to say is this,

I had a really busy day. My brain was overloaded. I was too exhausted even to complain. I should complain and then I started thinking.

Along the way I muttered "Oh God" and wanted to cry because I felt so stressed but I realized instead of complaining and feeling sorry for myself I should be thankful instead, that today I did my best, that I lived. And I am thank ful that I have the chance. So I thought it was an honor to actually feel the pain in my neck and shoulders.

I think that's life, isn't it? We don't have to be poetic about the whole thing.

Just live.

HOWEVER, she is an inspiration to young people. So let her go on. Do you think she washes her hair everyday?

Ces Adorio said...

Yes! yes!!! Renee swore a lot. But you know in the hundred or so email exchanges I had with her and in the note cards she sent, she really never wrote that word. She actually wrote it as "funking." Hehehe. I love you!

~Babs said...

Hi Deb,
SO glad to see you posting again!

I totally understand where Lacey's coming from, and I agree, that much of the wording of her thoughts is beautiful. A very intense and talented girl.
But I do think that a great many of the things she speaks of could be completely solved by looking up. Seeking Him who has the answers to unlock within our own hearts.
But good for her, as I feel that she is seeking,,,and those usually find.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

omg DEB!!!
What talent! What passion and incredible use of words to express and take the listener on a passionate journey~~poetry at that visceral gut level heart stopping finest!
So glad you posted this; will have to check out some of her other work.
The power of rip down or build up.
Big LOVE for her building up with them!


kj said...

deb, what i like most about this poem is how much it lifts and inspires you

to me the best poets are the ones who talk about everyday life in everyday ways. that is what lacey does here. the f word doesn't mean much to me either, because this is a message that reinforces and reminds and honors what matters.

poetry is not for the hard hearted, but i always hope some word or image may break through even hard walls.

such passion. thanks, deb ♥