Saturday, January 12, 2019

All I Need

It's cold out here tonight

I'm worn out from the fight

I catch my breath
And pray for rest

Last night I had the most terrifying dream.  You stopped loving me.  I was captive in a horrible, unnatural world where I could feel the physical pain of my heart breaking, I could hear the sobbing of my own cries, and feel the wetness of my own tears. I was begging you to love me again. All the furniture, walls, and floors had been stripped out of our home. There was nothing left. In utter desperation, I ran down darken streets screaming out that this could not be happening. It felt impossible, unbearable, for you to not love me. I was going to die if you stopped loving me.

By morning light, I knew that you dying was not the most terrible thing that could ever happen to me; because you still love me and always will.  That's all I need.

Still a fire burns,
 lighting up the room

I know You're here with me

You wrap me in Your arms,

Like only You can do,
I know You're all I need
With You, I'll always be


Jan said...

Still sorry for your loss. And yet, your love is one for the stories. A beautiful thing, gone too soon.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Your "Brawny Man's" love is always with you, my dear friend. I only wish his strong arms could still embrace you, his laughter be heard beside you and his warmth be felt next to you. I pray you have a special friend that you can cry with and who lifts you up when the day seems just too long to bear. Always know that your faraway friends are here too and we never tire to listen to your pain and offer slices of solitude. Hugs + Prayers always!