Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Good Hair Day

Dear PVT Ryan,
Today I had an appointment with Krystle (aka Hair Genius Extraordinaire), which is always a happy day for me; I LOVE bleach, double processing, foils, and laughing with the quick-witted Krystle. Today was a MOST happy day ... for tucked in my purse, within the small "brag book" I purchased at Michael's for $1.00 were your Army pictures. Not only did I show your pictures to Krystle (who thought you were way cute), I traipsed across the studio, foils and bleach in my hair, and showed your pictures to EVERYONE in the studio. They were all ever so polite and made lovely comments about you. I want to thank you for this. Thank you for making me PROUD. Thank you for giving me this gift. It was well worth the wait.

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Kjohnson said...

Dear PVT Ryan,
It is all true. I love when your mom comes in and how she glows with pride when I ask about you and your sister. Thank you for doing what you do for our country and we will never be able express just how grateful we are.