Friday, October 3, 2008

Creating Magic...

Ok, so this picture of me is about a hundred years old (hence the high-waisted shorts...teehee) and was taken in Hawaii, but to this day, I can remember the THRILL of waking up that first morning and being TERRIFIED to walk out on the balcony. It was the 27th story. So I gathered all my courage, threw caution to the wind (and my hair), trusted that the balcony would stay attached to the hotel, and stepped out. Oh the thrill, feeling the wind, hearing the ocean, and seeing all the beauty ... it was MAGICAL.

Twenty-nine years later, this very morning, on the little plot of land I have lived on for the past twenty years, I gathered up all the struggles, threw them into the wind, and trusted that the God who lovingly created me would always be God, and I stepped out into my garden...I felt the autumn breeze, I heard the water gently falling into the pond, and a saw all the beauty around me. And it was MAGICAL.

Strangers are feeding me...I feel like spring inside my heart. I have begun creating magic...

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Renee said...

Deborah this is beautiful.

I received a beautiful book in the mail today.

I love it and have now read it 27 times.

You are amazing and by the way look how long your legs are in the picture. You are so gorgeous.