Monday, January 5, 2009

Dear PV2 Ryan

This one is to make you smile...
Yep. Those are Karli's teeth right after the braces came off. You know how strange we are here at home. Would you believe that no one ever notices them sitting there on the shelf?!? We decorated them for Christmas. They make me smile.
We missed you ever so much this Christmas.
PV2 Ryan, you have expanded my tiny little world. You know that I never go north of Baseline or west of St. Anne's. Now my mind travels east, far across the ocean to Mosul. Yesterday after your phone call, for the first time since you began this journey, I was afraid. That fear stayed with me all day. I fell asleep with prayers rising from my heart, little golden threads spiraling through space, the threads that bind us together with God. I find comfort in knowing that you keep your rosary in your pocket closest to your heart ... the same rosary that you believe got you through that final run at boot camp with a fracture in your leg. I awoke this morning with a Peace in my heart, knowing that the God who brought you this far will see you through. It is evening now in Iraq. Look up toward heaven, PV2 Ryan ... see the prayers spiraling from my lips to God's ear. We are forever connected, you and I.

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Lost Aussie said...

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We have a son who has been to Iraq and is now in Afghanistan, so I know how you feel. Keep strong.