Saturday, January 31, 2009

Holy Thursday

I realized some time ago that I have no pictures of just you, Daddy.
Mommy is always at your side. I like that.
Another visit to the hospital...another new challenge.
This time it is your foot.
I gathered the bowl of warm water
and placed the towel at the foot of your wheelchair,
I lovingly placed your ailing foot into the water,
and gently caressed the failing skin,
The image of Mary Magdalene came to mind...
washing the feet of Jesus with her tears...
and then Jesus washing the feet of the Disciples
on that Most Holy Thursday of the Last Supper.
Such a simple gesture became a moment of Holiness
as I realized for the first time what Jesus meant
when He instructed the Disciples to wash eachother's feet...
We are to serve each other.
And as God would have it,
That day was Thursday.
A Most Holy Thursday.
I feel that God is so close right now...surrounding our family
and I am walking in Grace.
Nothing matters but this moment we are living right now.
It is so easy to take care of you and Mommy.
Susan Ashton described walking in Grace
best in her song:
"I once was lost but You found me and brought me here.
Now there's a halo over me
in amazing grace land."


Kjohnson said...

Hello my dear friend, I love your posts. I admire how you so lovingly serve your dear parents. Are they still staying with you? Also I just got a message I believe it popped up on Sunday you would like the front cut shorter? Did you want an appt when I'm down in February or would you like me to refer you to someone that can get you in sooner?

Renee said...

Deborah a blessing to be able to touch your father. A blessing for real.