Saturday, February 7, 2009

Million Dollar Baby

Twenty-one years ago
God sent an Angel into my life...
Never could I have imagined how much I needed you
until that Magical Night when you arrived...
It was the very moment of your birth
that I realized I had been longing for you all of my life.
You have been my JOY since the minute you arrived.
Somewhere along the years I realized
I had grown my own best friend.

I wish I knew who wrote this lovely little phrase,
for she expresses the song of my heart...

God never loved me
in so sweet a way before,
Till He gave thee to me and said,
"Behold Thy Daughter"

Happy 21st Birthday Baby!

You are my Delight.

And you sure know how to handle a knife...


Kjohnson said...

Oh she is so cute! What an adorable post. I will see you soon :) How is everything going?

Anonymous said...

I still remember the night she was born very well - Ryan was clinging to me like a baby monkey and crying for his mama. Poor little guy...

She was a beautiful and sweet baby and it's good to know she still is. Happy Birthday, Karli!!

Love, Debi