Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today I am Fifty Six!

Today I am Fifty Six.
I will not wear a purple hat.
I will not subdue my infectious laugh,
Nor will I stop wearing my
skinny black jeans with heels.

I will color my hair
any color I want to,
for the day it became
the color of a rodent
was the day hair became
an accessory.

I will keep singing out of key
and dancing in the garden.
I will continue to speak with strangers,
take in strays,
and have daily talks with God.

I will NOT apologize
if my defiance makes you
Nor will I act my age,
for I have always been

I will NOT have conversations
about the weather...
I will have endless conversations
about the longings of my soul,
and ask of yours,
and I will expect answers.

Today I feel
like that young girl
who wrote poetry on rocks;
the girl who danced
to a different beat.
Once again, I feel that my life
is just beginning
and I can be all things.

I will not age quietly
or sit in the corner
and stop being me.
If anything,
I will be MORE me.

And I shall have
wine and cheese for dinner
whenever I please.


Lost Aussie said...

Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!

Anonymous said...

Thank you...that was beautiful, and perfect! In about 15 seconds I'm going to be 49 and have to say I'm extremely ambivilent about it. But you know what? One of the things that really bothers me is the whole "should I now pack away my skinny jeans and super cute boots?" "Am I now too "old" to continue to wear the things I love?" Not anymore! And...I will continue to talk out loud to God every day...or whoever else is listening! ;-)

I found your blog thru A Fanciful Twist and I so loved this post I had to comment! :-)

KeKe said...

I couldn't agree with you on ALOT of the things you mentioned!
You are so right! Like with fine wine, we become better with age!
I'm glad to have "met" you.
Thank you for understanding and being an inspiration~
I'll be back again~


KeKe said...

I meant to say "agree with you MORE on alot of the things you said"...

Renee said...

And I will always love you for those very reasons.

You look so beautiful as that young girl in the pictures. I have seen your pictures now and you are just as beautiful.

This post is amazing and you know, I feel the same way.

And of course you expected vagina, I would have too, but the dream meaning is just to easy.

Love Renee xoxo