Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear PFC Ryan

Oh Boo Boy . . .
My heart is ever so heavy tonight
as i wait, wait, wait . . .
to hear your voice.
In my heart, I know that you are safe,
and I know I would have had a phone call by now
if you were not,
but still
Five American Soldiers lost today
Two injured . . .
Your battle buddies,
1st Cavalry.
Mosul - the city you patrol every day/night.
Seven families weep tonight . . .
lives forever changed.
I weep with them.
And as I wait, the image of you in my mind is not
of the man you are today,
but of my baby boy.
Call home soon.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh. Tears in my eyes as I read. Holding him and his buddies...and their families in my thoughts.

Godspeed PFC Ryan.

mati said...

hugs and prayers from France-there is no greater love connection or protection than a mother's love for her child. I heard this once and believe it to be true!!! I say it many times in my work in the hospital as a pediatrician...power of love and prayer...amazing

Just A Girl said...

Oh Deborah, your heart must have been in knots. I didn't hear about this and my heart is heavy for those families, but rejoices for you and yours. Such a strange mix of emotions you must have experienced, but I hope none of them was guilt. Guilt for the relief that it was not your son.
My prayers go out to them this Easter morn.

Blessings sweet friend!!

Christine said...

It's so heartbreaking when I hear news such as the five soldiers killed this weekend. Now that I am a mom I immediately think of the mothers, how they will always see their children as their babies or little ones. I think of how awful it must be to have spent nine months doing your best to protect your unborn child, then continue to do so once they're born and then to have to endure something so devastating.

Your post is a wonderful reminder of just who is over in Iraq..thousands of parents little "BOO"s~

Renee said...

In tears. I have one son.

They need to come home.

Love Renee xoxoxo