Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Love Domestic Bliss!!!

LOOK what I won!!! A few weeks ago I WON
the gift certificate
How lucky can I get!!!
Thank you
Domestic Bliss!


KeKe said...

I love that umbrella!!!


Just A Girl said...

OOh! That is one darling little umbrella!!! I think there's a little gypsy in all of us girls :). I know there's one in me!!!

Now the question is? What are you going to do with such a sweet thing?


Wendy said...

Congrats! I love the umbrella too!!

Kjohnson said...

You look absolutely smashing in this picture! I can't believe you won!

Domestic Bliss & FOUND said...

thank you! we love you too- such a darling photo of you!!! I may have to borrow that with your permission!-

Renee said...

You are absolutely gorgeous. Stunning looking really.

And even more of a beautiful soul on the inside.

Love Renee xoxo

Seeing how beautiful you are reminds me of a time when I was getting chemo and I had some pictures and another lady wanted to see them.

It was a picture of me, my daughter Angelique, my granddaughter Josephine, and my Mom. They all asked if my Mom was my sister and she is 82.


Anyway, you are beautiful.

Love Renee ooxx