Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A New Day

Sometimes late at night
lying in my bed
Thinking of words I
should have said instead,
Into my darkness comes your light;
I hear you whisper in the night,
"I want to make you Holy.
Holy is your soul.
Come to Me now,
I'm all you'll ever need to know.
For I've made you from the start,
I placed desire in your heart
To become Holy.
I want to make you Holy."


KeKe said...

I call that kind of writing "soul-speak".
Anyways, it's so hard to meet authentic people in real life let alone in bloggerville....I'm glad to have met you!

Keep it real!!

Just A Girl said...

Such a beautiful image put to such heart-felt words. It is indeed His desire to make us Holy.

Have a wonderful day my fluffy brained friend!!

xoxo Cori

Lisa Kettell said...

Such heart warming/heart felt words! A wonderful prayer. I say my prayers every day and believe in my faith.

I always enjoy coming to your blog!


Anonymous said...