Monday, May 18, 2009

Michael and Gabrielle

Children lost to the unknown...
You were never meant to be mine
In this time on earth.
I never held you in my arms,
but I hold you in my heart for eternity.
And when we meet face to face,
It is then I'll realize
That I have know you all my life,
In those moments of consecrated love
that would envelop me
with each newborn babe I'd see,
It was always you looking back at me.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

What a lovely post Deborah...God bless you! How are you dear one? Thanks for visiting my pink lady...Isn't she cute with that black background? There are more pink martinis to come!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you made me cry and then inspired me to write today's post. Check it out.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Thank you, Deborah.

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Renee said...

Deborah that is such a heartfelt poem and I have to tell you I am sorry for your loss.

I will meet you at the garden tonight and maybe Michael and Gabrielle could be little angels and come and dance with us too. After all there will be magic in the air.

This doesn't matter but my middle name is Gabrielle.


Deborah said...

No was many many years ago...and I am extremely grateful to have my own angels. I think about them every day. Renee, I think by no coincidence is your middle name Gabrielle...perhaps it was She who led me to you.

Just A Girl said...

Oh Deborah, what a sweet post for your dear little ones who are safe in the arms of Jesus. One day all questions will be answered.

oxxo Cori

Renee said...

Gabrielle thank you for leading me to your Mama in the God zone.


kj said...

deborah, your comment on renee's blog led me here. anyone who is dancing in the moonlight has a passion and energy i admire and bow to!

i lost an angel long ago too. you almost made me cry, but i agree. that love remains, whether the physical form is present or not.

have fun!


kay said...

Dear Deborah,
I am so sorry for your loss of your precious angels Michael and Gabrielle. I too know the pain of losing a angel, the heartache never goes away, as I remember my precious son Nicholas everyday. I have set up a memorial blog to honour precious lost loved ones, and I was wondering if you would like me to write their names by the sea near where I live? I can then take photos of these and email them too you, and if you like I can also put them on my memorial blog, as well if you want to include a special message or poem written by you, I can put that on the memorial blog too accompany the photos?
All our angels are precious,
My Memorial Blog is:
Please let me know what you think.
God Bless You,
Lots of Love,
Kay xxxx