Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ten Months Ago . . .(repost from last year)

Ten months ago I was at
Fort Benning, Georgia.
Home of the Infantry.
July 24, 2008 was one of the
Best Days of my life.
That day, I had the Honor
of placing the Infantry Blue Cord
on my son's right shoulder.

The next day was Graduation.
I honestly do not remember
if they marched in
in silence,
or if there was music playing.

One hundred seventy-seven young men
marched in.
One hundred seventy-seven young men
trained as warriors.
The best trained warriors in the world.
Their Creed:
I will not accept defeat.

I will Always remember
that there was music playing

When the Strikers

rolled in.



Blaring so loudly with so much bass,

I could feel it rattle in my chest.

My heart was in my throat,
It brought me to tears with pride,
not only in my son,
but in every mother's son....
for I fully understood what they had conquered
to bring them to this day.

Family and Friends of the Graduating Soldiers,

Thank you very much for supporting these outstanding soldiers graduating today. Your commitment has made a difference in their lives as it will for years to come as we continue to defeat the enemies of our Nation. They are American Soldiers now and a part of a team that always accomplishes the mission, never quits, never accepts defeat, and never leaves a fallen comrade behind.

Basic Combat Training is an extremely rigorous, demanding, and proven process that transforms dedicated volunteers into proficient Soldiers. With a program of instruction designed to meet the needs of our 21st Century Army, the training focuses on developing a highly-motivated, physically-fit, and disciplined Soldier who possesses expertise in an extensive set of basic combat skills and has committed himself to the Army Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.

When called, the Army has never let the Nation down. We will continue to prevail as we pursue military objectives in the Global War on Terror. These victories are not won by technology, but the by the sweat and toil and perseverance of the American Soldier. He is well trained, led and equipped, and he has the tremendous support of his Family, friends, and Nation. He has the confidence and competence to accomplish the mission.

Michael T. Hibbs, Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army, Brigade Command Sergeant Major

As I watched one hundred seventy-seven
of America's finest young men march out,
I thought about where they would be going.
They were fully aware of where they were going
when they voluntarily enlisted in the Infantry.
I realized some of these beautiful young men
marching in front of me
would come home in a Flag.

This week, one of them will.
That it is not my son gives me little comfort,
for his mother was there that day in Georgia,
and he served with my son with the 1st Cavalry.

"The patriot's blood is the seed of freedom's tree"

Thomas Campbell

Let Us Pray

Addendum: My son is back on American Soil after 12 months in Iraq, breathing time until the next deployment, which will come soon enough. I pray for the families of the battle buddies he lost there and I fully remember their complete belief in what they were fighting for. Unshakable belief. In gratitude for their ultimate sacrifice to ensure our

American Way of Life,



Renee said...

Deborah I am sorry to hear about that young man. I am sorry for his mother and I am sorry for you and all the other mothers of the other 175 soldiers because of all the worry you all must have all of the time.

Love Renee

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

No words.

...But I pray.

Domestic Bliss & FOUND said...

Wow- this is so powerful. Definitely in our prayers here.

Just A Girl said...

How sad sweet friend! I'll keep his family and friends in my prayers as well as our Ryan. He must be devastated to see one of his friends fall.

My heart goes out to them.

xoxo Cori

Wendy said...

Very sad. Why can't we just all play nicely? That wasn't meant to sound trite. I just wish we didn't all....ever!

You must worry from dawn to dark. God bless you and your son and all the soldiers too.

Silver said...

Guess one has to have faith as high as a mountain in order not to worry..especially for a mother for her son out there.

Persistent Faith and trust in God is all we have at the end of the day, i guess. And you're a fine example of a beautiful woman with such virtues.


Unknown said...

I do understand that you must worry from dawn to dark. God bless you and your son and all the soldiers too.

Trust Him and everything will be fine.

Renee said...

I keep thinking of you all the time my beautiful friend.


Anonymous said...

I have so much respect for these young men and their mothers that wait for them to come home. I will be totally honest here and confess that I don't know if I could handle the wait. Thank you for sacrificing so much so the rest of us can be safe.
BTW I love vanessa's blog and I'm signed up for the mad tea party. are you?

Anonymous said...

My son is a soldier, I know this creed, and boy do I pray...

Lost Aussie said...

I so understand from where you are coming from in this post, as you know.

kj said...

beautifully expressed, deborah. i have been opposed to the former president's approach and decisions but i am always glad when there can be political disagreement while honoring the sacrifice and commitment our soldiers make. i was a counselor in an army education center in germany for a couple of years and it was one of the best jobs in my life.

my prayers will also follow your son for his safe and happy return home.