Friday, July 24, 2009

In the Jungle

kitten 1

The mighty jungle

kitten 2 The Lion sleeps tonight.

kitten 3 Ok.  Not so much a lion.  A Kitten.

His given name is Captain Morgan.  His Daddy is PFC Ryan, who will be departing  Iraq tomorrow, heading for home … mid-tour leave.

Can I get a YIPPEE!?!?!?

  We are busy stocking the cantina and charging the batteries and buying up all the American flags in town.  I’m thinking balloons and a poster for the airport…

and a 21-gun salute, a parade with a marching band, with tubas, lots and lots of tubas and trumpets.  Unicorns!  And rainbows and confetti.

Party at Mr. B’s Cantina all week long.

Conga line starts here.



Just A Girl said...

Now don't go getting too tipsy while PFC Ryan is home...I don't want you falling off the Catina stool onto the floor...tee hee!

Welcome home Soldier!!!

xoxo Cori

Lost Aussie said...

How fabulous to have Ryan home for a bit! Have fun, fun and lots more fun! xoxo

Silver said...

Oh I am so happy ! Do remember to breathe ...! Did your heart just skipped a heartbeat or two again? ;)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...


That is so wonderful...Again...give him a huge thank you hug from me!

Tubas and confetti...I love it!!

Anonymous said...


(so loud three wine glasses broke immediately)

i am very very happy for you and pfc ryan and your whole family.


kj said...

that wine glass breaking comment is from me, don't know why i showed up nameless.


Wendy said...

The conga line starts here - and I'm in it too!! A humungous, gianormous,YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!! Whose breaking wine glasses? We'll all just drink from the bottle!!
I am sooooooo happy for you, Deb, your dear son is coming home!
Wonderful news!!

Anonymous said...

W00T W00T!!!!
Rhonda Roo smiling

Ces Adorio said...

AAAAAAHH! Drink something for me, to celebrate PFC Ryan's visit! Something that will not knock me out for I want to savor every moment. RAH! RAH! RAH!

I love Captain Morgan in the jungle. It reminds me of the diramas at the American Museum of Natural History in New York! YES! HE IS OF THE LIONS!!! RRRRROAR!

Ces Adorio said...

I mean dioramas!

Ces Adorio said...

Hello again dear Deborah! Say as you please! You sound very endearing!

Anonymous said...

I am very happy for you Deborah. I hope he doesn't have to go there again. And also that he has found he was of good over there.And then party together and rest together.

Sujata said...

Very nice post!

Also,Deborah- welcome to my blog. I am sorry to hear about your loss. I am glad these pictures brought back nice memories of your friend.

Silver said...

O Renee.. i rejoice.. ;)

Have a sweet and blessed reunion, my darling lady!

Javajune said...

I think I need better shoes for this conga! Is your head still in the clouds? I'm so, so happy for you. I think I'll go outside and do a cartwheel. I'll let you know if I break anything-it's been awhile. Give Ryan a hug for me.
Love the Kitty!