Saturday, August 22, 2009

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining


Yesterday, hubby’s mother passed on to new life.  She was almost 87-years old
and suffering from dementia.  She had been blessed with a good, long life, and a very loyal son.  He sat by her bedside with the Hospice nurse until she took her last breath.  I thought of how she had brought him into this world and now he had ushered her out.  It's sweet, really, a natural part of life.  The heart can easily accept when the body is finished and a life has been well lived.  So we step up into our new position in life . . . parentless parents of adult children.  And we look forward to much more Joy to come.

There’s a wedding to be planned!


Eleonora Baldwin said...


Big consolatory hugs,
~Lola xx

Cass @ That Old House said...

Amen to this heartfelt post. My own mother is 88, suffering with Alzheimer's. Your mother-in-law deserves her peace now.
Blessings to you all, Cass

Just A Girl said...

Oh Deb, I hope you sweet hubby's heart is at ease. It must be terrible to lose a parent, but I'm glad she had a good life and a son who loved her.

Congrats to Ryan and the new DIL to be. Just yesterday I found this darling blog of a girl who does felt flower bouqets.They made me squeal with delight.

xoxo Cori

Manon said...

Peace to your mother-in-law. Sounds like she had a wonderful life.

Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!!

Ces Adorio said...

Rest in Peace! Mother of one who fathered a wonderful son and lovely daughter. The circle of life continues and as you sound so peaceful, I can only surmise that she was a blessing to your husband.

And as for you my dear Deborah, I have a visual treat for you at my place.

Ablessed evening to you and you family.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Blessings to your family. You thought felt words express it all!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Beautiful and touching...and the circle continues...

A wedding...How fun!

Renee Khan said...

First Deb please give your husband and your family my condolences. No matter what it is hard to let them go.

Second, a wedding? Spill your guts.

Love Renee xoxo

Maithri said...

May the soft light of peace surround you and your family at this time my friend,

May the knowledge of eternity dwell with you and your husband always,

Much love, Maithri

kj said...

condolences and well wishes, deborah. you've written this so lovingly, clearly a family at peace. your optimism and anticipated joy ahead is infectious! it makes me smile thinking of you in that arizona back yard of yours, sipping something cold, looking up and smiling yourself.

now what does alice have planned for that party??


Wendy said...

Condolences and blessings, Deb. The circle of life does continue.