Thursday, August 6, 2009

Joyful Thursday


Slight change.  Small Correction. 

Today is exactly where I want to be!

Do I dare say why?  Yes!

PFC Ryan is in love.

Wait.  It gets better.

She’s in love with him!


Lost Aussie said...

How wonderful that all aspects of your life are blooming and growing so beautifully! said...

OH, ain't love grand? CHickaboooooom ;)

Okay, I have caught up on all the deliciousness of your posts!! I love savoring them one by one when I miss a couple at a time.

And you took me through tears and laughs and your beuaitful self and your beautiful son and your beautiful daughter and lovee man and all the wonderfulness of pulling your self out of the dark place, that you visited two years ago...

And here you are. Your son, a man, and a gooooood man, through and through. And now he finds love, and loves embraces him back.

Sigh..... Life is a funny little trip.

And, I am spinning through your world with disney songs of perfection!!!

You are a blessing. Truly.

xoxoxo, me

ps: it means so much to me, to catch up on your posts. and if sometimes, you see me missing, I sure hope you don't feel ignored. My life is so insane, my hair feels ignored. And, my house, tipping to one side, ignored :) SO you see, I am not a very good life balancer. But you matter to me ;) LOVE, V

Anonymous said...

ps: don't worry I am not going insane. The music was not a figment (spelling?) of my imagination. I think it was coming from somewhere else in my computer, tee hee.

I searched and searched your blog, trying to see what song was playing - and I thought, how clever, her music is in the background hidden ;)

I am a numbskull ;) It's the heat!! ; yes yes, that must be it! xoxo

Rhonda Roo said...

I just ♥love♥ love.
Really, it is what makes the world go round.
and once you get over the shock of there being another woman your son listens to in his life, it's even better. ☺
Especially if they are good together.
YAY PFC Ryan!!

Wendy said...

Oh how wonderful!! Happiness shines all through this post. I'm glad your world is singing!!
Happy August!

Just A Girl said...

Isn't it wonderful when one EXCELLENT day rolls into and EVEN MORE EXCELLENT DAY...YAY!!! And life becomes as sweet as a peach... every moment a delightful treat.
Were any wonderful questions asked with even more wonderful answers? Oh I love love!
Congratulations Mr. PFC!!!!
And many hugs to his darling mommy!!!!

xoxo Cori

Javajune said...

Oh that's beautiful. Life is wonderful sometimes. I love your beautiful world and you. Congrats to Ryan and his lucky love.
I would love to give you some relief from your heat wave. I'd package up the coolness here and send it out to you if I could.
Close your eyes and imagine a hazy sky with the moon still shining, dew so thick your feet are wet, fog slowly dissipating over the pond and a cool breeze dancing across your face. Feel better? Have a wonderful friday!

Anonymous said...

I drink my coffee black as night. I enjoy a good mocha or latte from Starbucks now and then but I need the hefty shot of unaltered caffeine to start my engine. Besides I live in a tiny town and Starbucks is 20 minutes away. I never worried about the calorie thing until after 40 and that cushy thing in the middle seemed to appear over night.
Get your orthopedic suit washed and ready to go. I'll give you an estimate of when my fly over will be very soon.

Ces Adorio said...

OMG! The suspense is killing me! First it took forever for the image to unscroll for me and now I am just hoping for more! What fun, what joy! Great expectations! Congratulations!

kj said...

about five years ago i remember what it felt like to know my daughter jessica was in love and loved by a wonderful man. i remember feeling such relief knowing that someone else would also love and care for her in small and large ways.

this post tells me another wonderful thing about you, deborah.