Wednesday, August 12, 2009


100_1675A monsoon is a seasonal prevailing wind that lasts for several months, caused by the development of a thermal low over a land mass normally within the subtropics.

100_1674The term was first used in English in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and neighboring countries to refer to the big seasonal winds blowing from the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea in the southwest bringing heavy rainfall to the area.

100_1672 The North American Monsoon occurs from late June or early July into September, originating over Mexico and spreading into the southwest United States by mid-July.

100_1677A wall of desert thunderstorms only a half-hour's drive away is a common summer sight from the sunny skies along the coast during the monsoon.

100_1687It is also sometimes called the Desert Monsoon as a large part of the affected area are the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts.

100_1681 This time of year I begin to long for the changing of the season.  It can cause a feeling of uneasiness…of needing to move on…of new beginnings.  Here in the desert, the children are already back at school.  I am longing for crisp, white notebooks and new pencils.  I feel a change coming, a desire to return to a sewing machine long ignored, to crochet hooks and embroidery needles, a gathering up of aspects of me I used to be…yet not forgetting my hard-won knowledge…selective pieces of my past, brought into the present me.  I am comfortable in my 56-year-old skin. 

Hot diggity dog, it’s a wonderful life.


Silke Powers said...

Hi Deborah, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! :) I totally understand your feeling for a change of seasons. I get that way in August and we'll have to wait until well into October before we'll feel the heat break. I loved the monsoons when we still lived in NM! Your photos are gorgeous!! Hugs, Silke

kj said...

favorite dancer, you should be all set to post. yes?


Anonymous said...

Then let your hands mend where your heart is torn, Deborah...
Bless you, beautiful Dancer/Mother/Woman

Godeliva van Ariadone

Just A Girl said...

So are you saying that TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY?????
If it is...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! and just in case it isn't...HAPPY UN-BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Darling Deb, I know exactly how you feel. I too am feeling change in my bones and long for something deeper. Maybe it's a trip to the High Places and the Kingdom of Love. Wanna meet me there?

xoxo Cori

Renee said...

It is a wonderful life.

Love you dear heart.


Rhonda Roo said...

You have an incredibly lovely 56 years of wisdom, and compassion, and intelligence...
but your outside says agelessly beautiful.
aw heck, inside too-i know you are maiden and mother.
rhonda Roo
PS I'll trade ya a monsoon for a tropical storm

Wendy said...

What beautiful pics. I look for changes in October when our weather turns cooler. Too bad the children are back at school. It seems rather early, but maybe they get out early for summer.

Hope all your changes are good ones.

Anonymous said...

oh i know that feeling, that stirring as the seasonal changes occur.
i love that you are so comfortable being beautifully perfect YOU!! That in itself is HOT DIGGITY DOG!
Beautiful skies, beautiful lady :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Deborah dearest,
Your poetry is fascinating; it is real, everyday poetry that speaks to us and everyday people----it is not above us, it is with us. I so appreciate your view of your "56 year old skin"....what is inside is new and fresh, young as every new idea that comes across your marvelous mind! Thank you for your inspiration, your visit to my blog and for your support! Eat all the calorie-free delights that you wish! And stay tuned....Anita

The Truth Behind The Girl... said...

Deb this one's for you:
Summer sweet summer when did you runaway? It seems just like yesterday we were at play. Yet we welcome the change as it blows through the door. On the wings of a dancer it's never a chore. For 56 years she has brightened your day. Dear beautiful summer what can you say. A triple threat she'll always be. Waiting for a season change take it from me.