Sunday, August 9, 2009

Old Women Can’t Jump



I got the video.  I got through the warm up.

I got Funky with Twitch.

I had fun.  I felt the


But I can’t jump.

Maybe I should have purchased the

New York City Ballet work out video.

Nah – This was really fun!


Ces Adorio said...

I can't jump either, I just noticed that a few years ago. I was jumping rope with the kids and all of a sudden I was not as agile as I was but then I managed to jump alternately so I am able to do it but I can't jump like I used to do when I played basketball.

Thank you for your comment. Now that you said it, I did not know that about being ambidextrous, I will nurture it. What does it mean when one can pick up things with her toes and really injure someone with a strong toe grips?

Ces Adorio said...

HAHAHA! I picked up things with my toes ever since I was a kid and I used to pump and hoist things up in the air like a soccerball. Oh I love to kick. We played "SIPA" when we were kids it's a game of kick. Yay! I am remembering a lot of childhood things with your "jump" post! Thank you. How are you today? Tsup!

Rhonda Roo said... high do they expect peeps to jump? I have my "flipped when i shoulda flopped hop" made famous by trip hopping down stairs in flip flops...
and then there's the "when pc boy hides behind the door and yells boo" jump. I could probably clear small children. This usually occurs when he knows i have just watched a creepy movie.
Never thought of jumping for exercise, hee hee.

Just A Girl said...

Haha! This is so funny!! I can't imagine that you can't jump. It seems to me that a former dancer should know how to jump, but then again, I can no longer do a backbend, something I never thought would happen to me.
I'm supposing that if you can't jump it's safe to say that you can no longer reach your foot across your head and touch your nose...don't feel bad, I can't either ;-O!
Ok, now if I were to come do that dance video with you, you would definitely get a workout rolling on the floor from laughter. You might even possibly wet your pants from the sheer silliness and stupidity of my coordinated self, which of course would in turn cause me to wet mine ;O!
Getting old is no laughing matter or is it? Are you thoroughly confused now? Me too! Welcome to my world!!!

I'm sending a happy dance your way!!!!
xoxo Cori

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hi Deborah! Thanks for visiting Nocturne! Hey, weren't you a dancer once? I was, but I thought you had said you used to dance. We need to keep moving doing what makes us happy!! Take good care, Anita

Manon said...

Too funny Deborah! Think about how boring the ballet video would be compared to this one!!

Wendy said...

Hahahahaha - Cori's comment has me in stitches wetting my pants too! Oh yeah, growing old is funny. I can't do a backbend anymore either or the splits. I can still jump ( I think, will have to try it and let you know).

Your video sounds like great fun. And when you have fun exercising, it's not work, anymore, is it??

Great post - you had me laughing!

Ces Adorio said...

WHAT!? Nobody has ever kissed your F-POT? Ask Bella Sinclair what an F-POT is. It is perfectly alright to kiss someone's F-POT, and BTW, why was there a need for self=moderation about the peach ice cream photo?

Ces Adorio said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Peaches are very hard to draw, did you know that? :0

Chrisy said...

I somehow stumbled in here and found myself relating...dancin yes...jumpin no...and wettin my pants chucklin!

Javajune said...

I can just see you getting funky with twitch. Didn't you know that Blonde chicks can't jump? Now we want to see the video of your workout!

Ces Adorio said...

Good morning1 I have come to kiss your F-POT! Thank you for kissing mine!