Monday, September 21, 2009

Peace Day Addendum . . .


Just wanted to honor my own little Peace Keeper

and the beautiful girl who puts that smile on his face.

Thank you, PFC Ryan and all of the 1st Cavalry

now serving in Iraq . . .

Keeping the Peace.



Ces Adorio said...

WHY MOST CERTAINLY! They are Peace Keepers first and foremost! God bless each and everyone of them and PFC Ryan is special and my FAVORITE! Look at how happy they are. God bless them!

Unknown said...

Thanks a million to them!
And what a cutey-pie couple they are!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous smile he has. Light in a room! My thanks to him and all those who love him and therefor join in the sacrifice he makes for all of us.

As you know, my soldier son married last month. Can I tell you I love his wife like my own daughter. She is a gift! My goodness, I had no idea I could love another person's grown daughter just like my own. It is because she is a comfort, a shelter, a support to my boy. How can I resist her?

Thanks for your kind visits at my place!

Pamela Sweet said...

Many blessings and thanks to your son and all of those who dedicate their lives to keeping peace.

Manon said...

My blessings to your son and all the peace keepers!!
What a darling couple!! They are so darn cute!

Deborah.... hey girlfriend! Would be fun to sneak away for a margaritaaa!!
I'm leaving on Wed.
Had dinner out by myself last night and was entertained by two snake breeders..... can you believe that? I hate snakes!!LOL

Manon said...

Deborah.... it was like i was in a terrible nightmare. They discussed everything about snakes...... ugh! I used to have nightmares about them as a child.

Ces Adorio said...

Aw sorry for eavesdropping on your conversation with Manon. Snake breeders! Indeed that is a nightmare. BUT I digress, I am adopting you! I will be the one adopting you. On second thought, I would like PFC Ryan on my side too...just don't make me fold the laundry please.

Ces Adorio said...

Heeehehehe! I think he is so adorable! I like reading that about him - a big gun and gentle as can be!

rochambeau said...

Oh YES!!! thank you Ryan!! May Ryan be protected and surrounded with peace. His girlfriend, wife? too.

angela recada said...

Awesome! You must be so very proud!

Thanks for stopping by my blog to introduce yourself today.
Peace, Love & Hugs,

Ces Adorio said...

Heheheheeh! You did your own laundry! Hhehehehe> Teach me house to dance the flamenco~ Please!

kj said...

this is the perfect tribute for peace in the world, deb. your boy is handsome and brave, strong and loyal. you have every reason to be so proud.

and it seems you very much like his fiance. whew!

ps. those kisses flying about: please give yourself one or two. you are wicked fun to know.

Javajune said...

Oh, I love that pic of your little peace keeper and his beautiful lady. Peace be with you my dear Deborah! I'm so grateful to all our peace keepers out there.
Can't wait till I have some time to read up on Milo's adventures!
Kisses right back at ya!

Wendy said...

Beautiful smiles - lovely couple. Keeping the peace is sooooooo important.

Rhonda Roo said...

YES and YES. Thank you peace keeper PFC Ryan.♥
(Were I wee a younger, and were there not already a Cowboy, and were there not a lovely girl in the sweet picture up there, i may tell you that PFC could easily stand for
Pretty Freakin Cute..Ryan.)

Sherry said...

Talking about Peace wouldn't be complete without honouring those who serve.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Loved your poem, Deborah! Blessings and sincere thanks to Ryan and his beautiful sweetheart! I salute him!

Hope your WW is going well. My girlfriend just started works!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Ces Adorio said...

Peace. I want peace! Thank you to Ryan.

Renee said...

Private Ryan has the most beautiful smile ever.

They are a perfect couple. I love happy people.

Thank you for all of your love. Thank you for all of your support to me and my family it has meant a lot to all of us Deb.

I love the picture of you and Manon and I love that you guys have met. That really makes me happy.

Love Renee xoxo

Bella Sinclair said...

Aww, Deborah. Two big, beautiful smiles to start my day. What a wonderful son, and his gal is so very cute. I love the way he is embracing her. Bless PFC Ryan and all the peace keepers. They make our world a better, safer place.