Monday, September 14, 2009

Take a Bow!

It’s Award Time once again!  YIPPEE!  A lot of you know how much I love awards . . .  I think it stems from my high school days and first making the Pom Pom team as an alternateHmph.   The following awards were given to me by  KJ.


OOooooo, I have so many friends who brighten my day… Godeliva, Ces, Cori, Junie, and  Manon.  Many more, actually everyone who visits me, grab a badge just for putting up with me!!! (I have omitted friends who already have these awards or who are AWARD FREE BLOGS…apparently they do not have the ego issues that I have).

Creative%252BBlogger%252BAward%252BBlack_215x38 This one is for all the artists that I LOVE.

Ces, Manon, Silke, and Cori.

premioraggiodisoleA beam of sunlight…Oh, that is definitely every single one of you.

Take one please and thank you! 


Queen%2BFor%2Ba%2BDay This final award came to me from a very special soul, my friend, Silver.

Passing this on to Godeliva, Cori, (I KNOW she gets one of everything, but pleeease…did you see her Milo posts?), Ces, Manon (go check out her mosaic work!), and Rhonda Roo.

Hip hip, chin chin.


Manon said...

Wow Deborah!!! I'm so honored! They mean so much coming from you girlfriend!!

Ces Adorio said...

Thank you for thinking of me and thank you for giving me these awards with Manon and Cori and Godeliva, Silke, Junie and Rhonda Roo because I have lurked at these ladies blogs and have visited them and they are super!

I especially like the fact that I am in a included with beautiful and attractive women and the awards came from a beautiful attractive woman. I know it may sound superficial but hey, who does not want to be seen with pretty women?


Rhonda Roo said...

WHAT??? Alternate pom-pom girl???? Surely it was a mistake. One of the judges had a boyfriend who admitted to a mad crush he had on you the night before finals. Yes. Yes that's it, I'm positive!
Ms. FABULOSITY so beautiful and kind and creative and funnneeee!
Lookit the distinguished Twinklestars-plus lil ole me! I'm practically blushing, a girl's head could start becoming affected by all this blogland love and attention after only 3 months! I am just beside myself happy!!!
Thank you thank you & congrats for getting them and congrats to all you're giving them to!
Awwe summ women unite!!
XOXOXOXO Roo who is having the best Monday ever now!!
{{Pssst Cori G, is my crown on straight, lovely?}}

Ces Adorio said...

STOP! Don't do that. You would not want Manon and you to throw up! HAHAHAHAHA!

Just A Girl said...

ThaNk yOu! THaNk you! THANk YOU!! And I am bowing to you for winning so many FAbUlOUS awards. YOU DESERVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!! Hey! I think I gave you one awhile back and you must have hoo hoo!!!! ANy way, I love you and think that Ces is very funny and Rooty toot Rhonda Roo, even if your crown was on crooked it would look positively divine Dee Vine I say!!!!!! And congratulations to all the other lovely ladies that won such honorable awards.

xoxo Cori

Anonymous said...

Sweet Deborah, I thank you so much. you have spent some time thinking us "awarded"ladies over and loving us. You are the ROSE in my garden and the MUSIC in my heart. I am so glad I found you and to be inspired by you, and thank you for all the other lovely and spiritfull ladies I met through you !! You make me laugh out loud and smile sweet smiles and you, Deborah, can bring tears to my eayes.
I am now going to tell everyone about your kindness.
Blow kisses for the day... and beyond...

Anonymous said...

I saw Cori's post and she deserves the award :)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Congratulations for the award!

Silver said...

Congrats my darling lady. Big Smooches and Huggies..


Javajune said...

Oh thank you dear girl for the award-I I love it! I've tried to write back to you 3 times now but pinched fingers, poopy pants, and snack emergency have all somehow got in the way. I may need a vacation at the Catina- is it open 24 hours?
Love ya,

Silke Powers said...

Oh, wow, look at all those awards you got, you popular woman! So well deserved!! And I am so honored to be included in a group of such awesome women! Thank you!!! Hugs, Silke