Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday’s smile was brought to me by . . .

feet 1

I arrived at my desk this morning and began my usual activities of opening e-mails and printing schedules . . .

When suddenly I realized there were strange feet hanging off the shelf.


feet 2 Right there next to the Ballerina feet belonging to the Edgar Degas inspired art doll that my BFF Gail brought back from The Metropolitan Museum of Art for me were strange, worn little green feet.  My eyes followed the long legs up to the shelf . . .

doll 1 and I screamed!

A gardening angel had miraculously appeared on the shelf overnight!

shelf 1

Garden Angel purchased by Alice @ Goodwill for $1.00!

**happy smiles again**

(left to right; Dubuhdu Designs photo of Christine’s art dolls; Theater, Darling Mildred Mignon, and Singer Sweet Potato Cellini by Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist;  ballerina mixed media note card by Marie of Lost Aussie…All Priceless!)


Anonymous said...

OK we love Alice....what a lovely treat to find peeping into your new day! Garden Angels are the best!
and hey, nice card there too ...wink!

Karen Valentine said...

What a sweet surprise!!! Alice rocks!!!

Thanks for your good luck wish!!!!

My Desert Cottage

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Two fun visitors...what a sweet surprise!


Just A Girl said...

Oh I like your smiley theme. Its' such a whimsical magical thing! And ALice did such a great job over head. It would make me smile too, once I rise from my bed ;-).

Darling Deb, I am so sorry it's taken me SO LONG to get my post up about Milo's adventures in the Magical Kingdom, but hubby feels I've been spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME WITH MILO...hee hee! So I'm having to give him a little extra attention. Boys! They get so jealous when you spend time with cute little bugs ;-).

xoxox Cori said...

OH!! Look two fanciful babes on your shelf, thank you for giving them a home!!!

I can not believe what MILO is up to!! Oh my goodnessss, I am beyond words!

So much fun I tell ya!!! I am off to meet my Mom for coffee and tell her about Milo's shenanigans, and about his Mommy (you). Tee heee!! xoxo

Mariana Soffer said...

I loved those feets, they are so nice! My best friend from work, who I am always with, is from belgium, and she has several dolls with hanging feets like that. She wanted to give me one as a gift, but instead she gave me another lovely thing. Because I did not want to take those memories away from here, they mean much more to her than to me.

Take care and keep hainging things