Sunday, November 29, 2009

No time for goodbyes


A moment of silence please for the tragic early demise of a beloved ornament.


This beautiful flower with the little hummingbird attached by its beak is no longer with us.   So Un-Martha of me to not double check the hanging wire.  I actually hung it once and decided it was too low and in danger of an attack by CatZilla, and as I moved him up the wire let go.  The hummingbird survived, but the flower shattered in a million glittering pieces, which CatZilla proceeded to bat about the floor.

100_0009 Thank heaven I took pictures last year.  This ornament was a gift from my BFF Gail.  It was so special to me that it was carefully put away each year in its own box, lovingly and carefully packed with tissue paper to support the delicate connection of the bird to the flower.   I was pleasantly surprised by my reaction; a very Montessori response, one I used hundreds of times when working with three-year-olds in the Atrium with real glass that had been dropped . . . in my best “indoors voice” I said to myself,

It breaks.  We will want to clean this up!

I think I am growing up!


Georgina said...

Oh no, I feel your pain, Deb. One year are beloved, Brava, now with the doggie angels, ran to the front window after hearing something in the front yard, my husband's sons coming home. The tree was really not very stable, needed a new stand, but we never had a problem before. The next morning I walked into the front room, only to see the tree on the floor with many broken pieces of porcelain and glass. I was told by the boys that the tree must have been too close to the window and that Brava did her regular thing, go to the window and see what's going on. Would you believe they didn't pick it up, but walked over it and went to bed!! I was so upset because one of my favorite little ornaments was in pieces, a porcelain Miss Mouse bell. Well, it's been years and those boys now have their own family, our Brava is no longer with us and I forgot about that little mouse, which was also very special to me, till I read your blog. We move on.


Alexandra MacVean said...

Yes, I do weep with you. My favorite glass turtle ornament somehow got broken from last year. It was sad. =/

Much love to you, Georgina! :) Happy Sunday!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh my....that is/was the most beautiful of ornaments.....SOB!!!! I have patched ornaments from relatives for years, trimming glass, reinforcing the tops with tissue paper and glue; this one makes my heart ache!
And my little *RED* tree is almost done. Well, not exactly Christmas for me..... <:(


Ces Adorio said...

It's a beautiful ornament BUT YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME! My heart was beating so hard when I read the title and the first sentence. Don't do that to me!


Okay, I am sorry you lost that beautiful ornament. Oh what a beautiful cobalt blue! I shall make it my mission to find an ornament like that. I wonder if they have one of those at the Dollar Store, hmn? Hahahahaha!

About the gave me an idea. I am drawing my second one. I want to make 25 of them. Hmn, too ambitious! Maybe just 12. Geesh I have so many drawing and painting plans...I only manage to finish half of everything. Oh half of 25 is not 12. Hahahah!

I know for a fact that you know the true meaning of Christmas. All mys sisterfriends do. Your decorations and your Christmas spirit are so inspirational. Your mirth is contagious!

Ces Adorio said...

Hahahah! You are such a good sport. Aaah! My heart is calm knowing he is in safe and sound and how lovely is that to chat with you? He is a good man and a good son to you but then again, you are a good mother. Mwah! Mwah! Just came from the dollar store. They only have plastic flying pigs, no crystal flower with hummingbird.

Ces Adorio said...

Okay, just 12 then or maybe 6. It's gets lesser. Hahahah!

Bella Sinclair said...

Awwww, it was a gorgeous ornament. Thank goodness you have pictures. And in the big scheme of things, you have your blessed son coming home. That, alone, is worth about a million crystal hummingbirds.

Oh, please don't hate me. We've been watching the Lord of the Rings series here, and when I read your indoor voice, I heard....good grief...Gollum! No, no, no, no, I KNOW you are far, far more beautiful than Gollum with a melodious voice to match. It was just a fleeting hallucination. :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Awwww. I'll weep with you. Then move on with you. Good for you (said in my very best montessori voice)You were lucky to have it as long as you did.


Sherry said...

Well, that was a very grown up response. But I hope you had a very little girl moment to know, some tears, a little stamping of the feet and that sorrow that comes with something that happened out of our control.

I'm glad you have a photograph to remember this beautiful ornament...and now I'll sit quietly for that moment of silence.

Manon said...

So sorry about that ornament!! It was beautiful..... glad you had your moment of grief!
On a positive note..... happy you're growing up.... I need some of that growing up stuff! Send a little my way!


Unknown said...

I bow my head to the early demise of ornie by slippy fingers Deb. Deb slipped in silently and swiftly and took the ornie by surprise.

It was a quick and timely death, and no foul mouth was spoke at the incident.

Lets remember the ornie as a gift of love, shared and admired for such a short time.

No worries ornie, slippy fingers will slip up again and when the time is right will be caught and dealt with in occordance to ornie law.

Psst what is ornie law for breakage? Oh ya...

Tangled lights, busty bulbs, and kitty tree gropings in the 3rd degree.

No parole needed.

So as we remember ornie in a wonderful way, bow our heads and say "Amen"...



kj said...

holy toledo, batman!!!

i lost my breath and gasped reading your heading. deb!

now that i'm calm again, perhaps you'd best go shopping tomorrow and appropriately replace the beloved ornament.

and who knew beloved sonia was an ordained ornie minister?


yoborobo said...

Oh, man, you gave me a scare with that headline! :) I'm so relieved it was just an ornament! LOL! I have broken more than I care to admit, and I am afraid to hang the rest that I haven't broken yet, so why in the world do I have them? I need plastic ornaments, or concrete, or brick ornaments that can bounce, and fly across the room without chipping. Ornaments that a cat can attack, and a dog chew on, and yet, even when they do, they still look fabulous! :) Happy holidays to you - a woman who already has her tree up! ACK!!! xoxoxox Pam

Just A Girl said...

Oh no! Please don't grow up for that wouldn't be any fun at all ;-(. Or maybe it would. I guess we won't know unless you do it and we see the transition, but I'm quite sure you'd be as lovely as an adult too...tee hee!!!
It is such a sad tragedy about your beautiful ornee. At least you were able to save the delicate little hummer.

xoxo Cori

Unknown said...

Hi Deborah!!! oh so sad.....we had an issue BRad moved all the boxes...he dropped one...and happened to break one of my favorite ornaments from my Mother in was the most amazing piece....he said it shattered in a million pieces and he was upset too...since his Mom was the one to pick it out for us on one of their I know what you're feeling....maybe we can find some new ones...


Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah, Since you broke it is your turn now to give a beautiful little glass ornament to a very dear keep and cherrish forever ! It will break the spell you have been under.
Enjoy...and bless it with a very spiritual thought.

KeKe said...

My deepest apologies Deborah~ :)

Javajune said...

Oh so sad, it was lovely but I'm so glad you're wearing your big girl panties and didn't over react. and now I have to catch up with your other posts...

Angie Muresan said...

I hate when that happens! Hopefully your BFF will replace it with another one you'll treasure for years to come. Hugs!