Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Beloved Magical Muse


we celebrate the day that magic came into thE world

in the form of a wee blonde beauty who lives in an elfin world, in a bizarre arizona,

a magical land created by the fanciful one,

vanessa valencia of a fanciful twist.

  Truthfully, I do not remember HOW I happened to land on Vanessa’s blog…but I believe that I was sent there by Divine Intervention, because He is the only One who knew how desperately I need her. 

I was drifting, lost within my rapidly changing life . . . the children who had consumed my every waking thought for 21 years were grown, and suddenly I had no idea of how to live my life.  Then, That Magical Day I found myself upon Vanessa’s blog, and suddenly, all at once, she

Awakened the Dreamer in me.

I instantly fell madly in love with this New Age Hippie who wore layers upon layers of prairie skirts, and dressed up in costumes and went on adventures.  Oh to see through her Magical Eyes!  And I did, through her incredible photography and her genius of making the ordinary extraordinary.

I made little post-its around my desk reminding me to

Create Magic.

See through Magic Eyes.

My heart would race each time Vanessa had a new post.  Her visions, words, and creations created in me an excitement I had long lost.  I began to go on adventures and to take photos of my garden, and I began to see through Magic Eyes.

It’s a bit of Pentecost every time I visit Vanessa, for she speaks in a language that is understood by all…through the grandeur lens of her camera, her art, creations, and the very way she lives her life to the fullest; she lives every bit of what God created her to be, and lives it gloriously.

May Peace reign down from heaven like little pieces of the sky,

Little Keepers of the Promise Falling on the souls this drought has dried.

(lyrics by Rich Mullins)

Fanciful Ms. Magical Vanessa, you are a Little Keeper of the Promise.  You are Pure MAGIC.  You are JOY.  You are warmth and Light on a cold winter day.  You breathed new life into this old soul.  God surely danced on the day you were born.

Oh how I adore you.

Happy Birthday, Vanessa!

(Photo illegally lifted from A Fanciful Twist)


Unknown said...

oh how sweet of you!!! this is a beautiful post Deborah!!!

I wish Vanessa a wonderful birthday!!!


Just A Girl said...

AAAAAA!!! I want to read your post so bad, but I haven't finished mine and I don't want to read yours until mine is done.


Just A Girl said...

Lovely, lovely, I have tears rolling down my cheeks. Beloved Blonde One, your heart writes with a pen.

xoxo cori

kj said...

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."

this is what i got from your birthday wish to your beloved friend vanessa. it makes me just really glad you are both blessed having one another.


Anonymous said...

Debra, Oh what beauty you possess within your soul. What beauty this person named vanessa has shown you and brought you to a deeper world which God has created for us.
Yes, the grass is now greener, the snow is now whiter, the sky is bluer then ever and the birds are singing Gods Praises to you!
Dear heart come to my blog for a Christmas Celebration giveaway. Read the Monday posting and sign up to win. Make sure to become a follower I have a feeling you will not be surprised. Oh come faithful one..
Love in Christ.. Darlene xo

Anonymous said...

But but but... I had no idea. Are you quite certain that is me??? I might turn into a puddle of tears of of, emotion and surprise and love and kindness, and more than overwhelming buckets of joy, that I know you, in the virutal fairy land, and that through your words, I myself am nurtured to continue on my wacky little journey.

You are beyond words.

You are some sort of glowing spirit, who can touch the depths of the golden heart string cords.

Who raised beautiful babies, and set them free to be curious in the world and do good, and then took the time to refind the little girl in you, and let her out to roam too.

SO much love is being sent to you right now. You have no idea what I feel right now. How I am soooo deeply touched.

I was in my bed, saying good-bye to being 33. Saying things to myself, about life and love, and living. And then some strange thing drew me to come visit you, after my computer was off, and i was in bed drawing...

So, now I see why.

I am beyond words.

You are true love, walking talking, true love.

I am blessed to be your friend.

All the hearts I can muster, Love, Vanessa

Anonymous said...

You are the sweetest thing! What a post this is, and of Fanciful Twist must adore you right back!

I am staying at my blog. Thank you for your visits of kindness!!


KeKe said...

Isn't her blog the best? She is soo inspiring to so many people! She deserves this special recognition, for sure!!

Javajune said...

Oh I so agree with everything you said her blog is truly magical. Everything she creates is filled with beauty and whimsical fun. Happy birthday miss v.
Deb, you are the sweetest friend for sure!!!

Angie Muresan said...

Vanessa, you are truly loved! Happy birthday to you!!!

Maggi said...

What a beautiful post in tribute to our fabulous V! You are fantastic!

Ces Adorio said...

Oooh! She has a most colorful world! Bright and fun! A creative and giving being. Happy Birthday dear Vanessa and thank you for making my sisterfriend Deborah very happy! I am so happy that you found each other. This stage in our life when we have spent most of our prime caring for others it is nice to meet someone who looks at you or reads you and knows exactly how your heart beats and the next word that will come out of your mind.

I think I have been very blessed having been born to a woman with the most magical demeanor and growing up with five sisters and attending women’s universities, working in a female-dominated profession and working with many strong women BUT I tell you, the connections I have made through the blogs are something else, magical and awesome because I have a choice. I choose with whom to connect and who to continue being connected, who I want to keep and who I want to let go and who I want to work and fight for to remain friends and be sisterfriends.

Keep Vanessa, she is your muse, she makes you happy and delight you. Her art is magic and she is a fountain of gifts by sharing it with others. It is wonderful to see you share your love and friendship. She is wonderful, but then I am not surprised that you are friends for you are equally awesome and wonderful.


♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥

Renee said...

Ms. Vanessa is pure unadulterated magic.

Pure and simple.

I love her too, which can be no surprise.

Love Renee xooxox

Ces Adorio said...

What?! I was eavesdropping. Someone who is beautiful and adorable smokes? Who?! Who?!

Manon said...

A happy birthday to Vanessa!! Such a wonderful post Deborah!!

Oooh please Deborah!! A pj party with margys!!! Perfect place.... in the Valley of the Sun!!

Ces Adorio said...

I am here to take refuge from the meanie Canadians' frigid humor!

Manon said...

Deborah.... I don't think Ces wants to be in the same space with Renee and I! I'm not sure but Arizona may be too cold for

Renee said...

The pajama party would be better at my house because then we all have to cuddle to keep warm.

If it was at yours I would be like 'For fuck sake Deborah could you put the air on.' And when you said it was I would have to strip and I have one breast by my knees and the other under my chin. It is not a pretty site and you guys would lose your appetite for pizza.

Love Renee xooxox

Renee said...

If I brought Karli home for Christmas Nathan would go mad.


Ces Adorio said...

I think all beautiful girls should have a colorful language and know when to use it at the right time.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely birthday tribute!! I don't remember how I stumbled
upon Vanessa's blog either but I was spellbound from the start:)

Renee said...

You know I love our blessed Mother. Thank you darling for the wonderful prayer.


Rhonda Roo said...

You write like a dream, you know that? You are talented and beautiful inside and out!


Ces Adorio said...

I love the new avatar!

carte sd 2gb said...

Happy, Happy 33rd Birthday Miss Vanessa! I am so glad that it is proving to be so magical for you! I love your Birthday Queen crown! It is fantastical! Thank you for sharing your birthday treatees with us. Have a lovely Birthday evening!