Saturday, December 19, 2009

Milo’s Magical Adventure


Milo has arrived in the Magical Land of

Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist!!!

An adventure not to be missed!


(photo illegally snatched from A Fanciful Twist)



Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Looks like Milo is on the run again!

Ces Adorio said...

Just as long as he does not start playing golf and winning championship titles!

Silver said...

Milo is back?

love & hugs to you,

Silke Powers said...

Dearest Deborah, I just came from Renee's blog and just wanted to tell you that your comments to her last few posts have touched me so deeply! They take me back to my childhood and youth and the comfort found in ritual and prayer. Thank you for that! Love, Silke

Just A Girl said...

Little Milo looks like a Rock Star!!! So Funny!!! Can't you see him peddling up to Vanessa's door ringing his widdo bicycow bew? He's a natural on a bike!!!

Alexandra MacVean said...

Oh to check out Milo! :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ha! That was a blast! Complete and utter blast!!

Ces Adorio said...

Good morning my Beautiful Desert Rose! Hahaha! I love the soldier. Let him sleep wherever he wants. He has been sleping in barracks, tents and dirt of too long. I am so happy that he is home safely. I am happy you are happy. I have been up since 6:00AM, rather late for me, I brewed coffee, hugged and kissed Daisy until she got tired of me and jumped off her loveseat bed and walked away. I am drawing my Illustration friday's "Undone" theme. Good morning to your beautiful family dearest Deborah and say hello to The Alice and the Papa of the house for me and of course your beautiful soldier boy.

Unknown said...

He is in one Fancy place Deborah!!! he may want to stay there with all the fancy stuff!!! lol


Lila said...

Deborah you are the sweetest!
This made me giggle, it's very cute :)
Love and hugs,
Lila xx :) :)

Javajune said...

I'm sure he had the time of his life with Miss V. I hope he brings some of her magic along with him. Merry Christmas my dear friend

love, love to you and yours-jj