Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today’s Ornament Tour

100_2239This is the arrangement that I made around SPC   Ryan’s picture ornament from last year, when he was in Iraq for Christmas.  I intentionally placed crystal Angels around him, the American Flag Star waving above him, the Nativity Scene from my childhood with Baby Jesus watching over SPC Ryan, and Office Bill, my Chihuahua, guarding him. 


This is what ended up UNINTENTIONALLY  around Alice’s picture ornament.

What can this mean?


Ces Adorio said...

Hahahahah! I am so glad that not only is Alice beautiful and a brainiac, she has a great sense of humor! Way to go Alice, give me that vodka bottle, I need to start drinking!

I love these ornaments and yes, we have photo ornaments on our Christmas Tree too. I need to start taking photographs, perhaps after I finish this monster rule module.

I thought of SPC Ryan yesterday, well, I think of him and Alice whenever I come here but about Ryan, one of the women here is having a letter writing campaign to the servicemen just to thank them. I need to do that, a special one for SPC Ryan. When I think of him. I am very proud, happy and grateful that this young man and others like him and the women too, make me a free citizen. Most people think they are born free - wrong! There are tyrants everywhere and only those who are willing to work for freedom deserve it, thanks to Ryan for helping me achieve that for my family and for my children.

Renee said...

Please tell poor Alice that if she wants, I will adopt her.

Love Renee xoxo

Carolyn said...

I was smiling at both of your ornaments !! I think you did it unconsciously with the vodka bottle ! There looks to be an angel there too - so that sort of cancels out the alcohol !!

snowy blowy kisses to you !

Marie S said...

Your children are so beautiful. It must be the good genes.
Stay warm and cozy.
Love and hugs.

Manon said...

Love the ornaments of Ryan and Alice!! Send Alice to my house.... we'll take great care of her!!

Deborah.... game on sista!! You don't have loving dibs on those elephants!! You need to share!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I needed that! Are you favoring one child over the other....or just, um, telling it like it is? ;)


Angie Muresan said...

Your kids are beautiful and lucky that they have such a lovely mother. Bless them and bless you!

Anonymous said...

Bad Alice ? Meaby she has gone off to Russia ? On her very own ? Like my bad Laura went to Tasmania now, on her bare own ? she a drunk ?
Or...does she need a brake from her mother ? Then send dear Alice over to me.....I will heal her .....give her nothing but cold Northsea water to drink ....

kj said...

unintentionally around alice's picture???

HAHAHAHAHA! not even!

you have to love a girl with a vivid imagination...

Just A Girl said...

Oh that is too Funny!!! Poor Alice! Does she know she's the brunt of many jokes on your blog? I'll bet she's sweeter then sugar gum drops in real life as I'm sure that little nut didn't fall too far from the tree. I also know that she got her drop dead gorgeous looks from you so she must have also inherited your silly sassy ways. Oh Beloved Blonde One you are so much fun!!!!! I loved the ornament tour very much...thank you!!

I'm sending you one huge dancing hug.
xoxo Cori

Sherry said...

LOL!! I love what you did for Ryan, but what were you thinking about Alice?!?!? Mind you, I think they're great ornaments!!! :)

LDWatkins said...

Great kids! Beautiful kids! Loverly Mom!! One happy bunch for the holidays!!

Unknown said...

oh what fun!!! and these are gorgeous ornaments Deborah!!!

I love this tour!!!