Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Reoccurring Dream


It’s April, yet the wind is
blowing tonight as if it were March.
The wind chimes that you made
are ringing like the bells of St. Anne’s

just outside our window.
I close my eyes and drift into
My reoccurring dream.

We are in the patio home.
Your arms are wrapped around me;
I am dressed in your love.
I feel safer than I have ever felt before.
I open my eyes and
Thirty years have passed.
It was never just a dream…
You are still here,
I am still safe.
I close my eyes again and drift into
My reoccurring dream.

Repost of a poem written for my love.  Here’s to you, my Valentine.


CM said...

So beautiful, what a wonderful dream.

Marie S said...

Lovely Deb, just wonderful.

Ces Adorio said...

How divine! Your dream is a reality! I am so happy for you, truly Deborah, you are a beautiful soul and a beautiful woman. You have a kind heart and you deserve all the love.

I love you my dearest sisterfriend. I appreciate your support and caring.

Knowing you are loved and are happy in your home, makes me happy. I wish all the people I love happiness pure and simple.

Happy Valentine's Day and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR (Yes, they fall on the same day). Wear red for love and prosperity.

Manon said...

That 's so beautiful, Deb!! Thirty years later and your love is so strong!! Awe!
Nice pic, btw!!

Happy Valentine's!!


Javajune said...

Very sweet and so beautifully written. You deserve a beautiful love story. Enjoy V day. Let's toast to love and happily ever after!

Henriëtte said...

How tender for our hearts, thank you Deborah

yoborobo said...

What a lovely dream. :) I am so happy you have your sweetie to keep you safe and warm. And my reoccurring dream involves a tsunami wave. LOL! Happy Valentine's Day, friend! xox

Tristan Robin said...

What a lovely dream - and perfect valentine!

Sherry said...

What a lovely gift to give your love...your words, pure poetry from your heart and your soul.

Happy Valentine's Day to you my sweet friend ♥

LDWatkins said...

That's so beautiful, Deb! Now have a chocolate and a glass of champagne!

Georgina said...

Just beautiful, Deb. My dreams are hardly that know I still dream of going to school in my pj's...I need to get over that reoccurring dream!! I'm so over school, so what the heck???!!!

Anyway, what a wonderful paint with words...just lovely.

Ces Adorio said...

Oh Deborah, I am sorry. I colored them and not only did I color them, they are actually donning bright silk which I am not completely revealing yet.

Just A Girl said...

Ah, I remember this one from last year and it's just as beautiful today as it was then. Happy Valentine's to you my Beloved Blonde friendling and all those who dwell beneath the sheltering home you have created with love ;-).

xoxo cori

Javajune said...

The Arabian horse show sounds dreamy. Enjoy your day!

Bella Sinclair said...

Such tenderness! How wonderful to wake up and find that you are not dreaming at all, that you are living your dream.

Happy Valentine's Day, sweets!

LDWatkins said...

You are such a sweetheart. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Happy Valentine's Day!

Rick said...

Deb-mmmmm thems the best kind of clothes. I hope you never lose the dream. Happy Valentines day, Sweetie!

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.