Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rainy Day


Yesterday was Spring

and now the rain.


Sherry said...

Rain is that necessary part of spring...that makes the rest of it bloom so beautifully! I love the colour of the water in your pool (or maybe it's the walls giving it that colour). Whatever....the rain drops in the pool look refreshing!! xo

Marie S said...

Good morning Beautiful!
You bring your own sunshine where ever you go, no worries!
Love and hugs.

LOL!! staring at santa's.

Tristan Robin said...

a pool?

a FILLED pool?

in March?

...and I thought I liked you!

kj said...

could there be a more wonderful blue in all the world?

the divine artist who consulted on the earth's colors did the holy spirits proud.

i envy that pool, deb. i imagine you handing me a cheeseburger and i can't help smiling.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes, but you have rain on a beautiful BLUE POOL, and I get rain on MUD that makes the ants come in.
Now, my dear, tell me which is fair??? :D
Wanna trade?


kj said...

hahaha! you wouldn't come up with some cheese for a friend who traveled cross country to munch and splash with you?

i called WW and they said i could have the cheese...


CM said...

I know, but warm, sunny days are ahead soon!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

The rain of the gorgeous spring!

yoborobo said...

Hey Deb! Yesterday was Spring and today was Winter! Oh, and I am coming over with kj and everyone else for a cheeseburger and a swim. Or a float. Not sure I want to swim, actually, but floating sounds lovely. xoxo Pam

Manon said...

Ya.... what's up with this? lol

Ces Adorio said...

That is why I hate Spring.

Unknown said...

Deborah!!! how is it that even your rain looks good!!! you are living under some special heavenly clouds my sweet!!!


Silke Powers said...

I know I'm probably weird, but I love spring rains. Not the huge, scary storms we sometime get here, but the gentle rains...perfect to read, craft, paint and eat by... Love, Silke

Bella Sinclair said...


Thanks to the rain, you have those beautiful pink blossoms!