Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Garden Tour


Today’s tour will take place in the Blue Garden surrounding the Koi pond.  It was named the Blue Garden originally for my collection of blue pots and glass.  More recently it became the favorite area for the wee dogs to visit and is now referred to as the Poo Garden.


 There has been an addition of RED, my latest obsession.

Fire House RED.


Yummy Spring Green.

100_2659  Bodacious Pink.

So bodacious, it’s difficult to photograph.

Such a show off.

100_2662 Ficus green. Yes, bodacious, we DO see you glowing in the background like toxic waste.  Tone it down just a touch.


Pygmy date Palms. Rumor around the pond has it that the turtle is a descendent of the Apostle Peter . . . .hence his ability to walk on water. 

100_2668New leaf on the rubber tree workin’ the fire house red.

100_2666 Don’t know why, but these little purple flowers always look like they’re  smiling to me.

**Happy Smiles**

100_2673This site received big OOOOO’s and AHHHH’s from The Brawny Man yesterday. New growth on the bamboo planted in the fall.

100_2674  Bamboo reaching toward the top of the house.



Because everyone loves a good volunteer.

Mint seeded by Nature.


Now, out the way you came in . . .  tour cut short . . . the day is callin’ me.

Gotta go PlAy!


Silke Powers said...

Ooooo, I LOVE your garden! Can I come visit and play?! Guess what, we also have a poo garden...
Love all the green and color in your garden. And that turtle is amazing. ;) Wishing you a wonderful day in your secret garden!! Love, Silke

KeKe said...

I love to gaze at lush gardens...They are like a retreat in your own backyard!! Yours is very inspiring. I'm going to get to work on my mine just as soon as the weather cooperates~

yoborobo said...

Hi Deb! I'll be there at 4. But you will need 2 cameras. One for my left cheek, and one for my right. xoxoxo Pam

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leave a kind comment. Your blog is just excellent, full of nice writings and beautiful pictures. I have been following your blog for months now. I will add your blog to my blog roll. Kind regards. Philip

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oooooh so fertile so green so alive. Love!

Bella Sinclair said...

Bahahaha! Oh, Rosie the klutzy turtle! Gotta love her. Thank goodness you are there to rescue her. But here, she seems to be workin' some magic of her own.

Beautiful garden. I love all the new spring growth! Keep your eye on that mint. Spreads like crazy, I hear.

Happy Sunday!

Lost Aussie said...

Lovely tour...thanks for letting us step around in your space xox

Ces Adorio said...

last night I was telling bella that I would feel very rich, a wealthy woman if I had a parcel of land with a giant bamboo grove like the ones I had in my childhood. I have clumping bamboo in my backyard but they are the miniature kind, Your garden is so beautiful Deborah. Great weather too.

Tristan Robin said...

what a lush environment! no wonder Rosie looked so content the other day! She must think she's in the rain forest!

oh - LOL - speaking of turtles ... have you seen ...

Manon said...

Ooooh.... thanks for the tour, girlfriend! Your pics are soooo lovely. I love the poo garden.... i happen to have one of those!

Just A Girl said...

Short but ever so lovely and swoonalicious!!! A Poo Garden? Maybe you should put a statue of Whinnie the Pooh...hee hee!!!

CM said...

Beautiful! I love the bench at the end. I could totally see you sitting there enjoying the scenery!

kj said...

i can't believe i can identify most of these plants.

do you ever work in the garden?

and where is the turtle while you are taking these pictures?

i'm asking alot of questions lately, huh?

oh, and that winnie the poo garden. very very special. rich in nutrients. but no bare feet allowed.

tsup! deb

Alexandra MacVean said...

I am all about a splash of red here and there! :) Love your beautiful garden.

LDWatkins said...

Love it, Love it...jealous...yes!! Come on spring!! Your garden is so beautiful.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Listen to an old girl who made the mistake of having ONE PIECE OF MINT in the garden......DIG IT UP!!!!
Then put it in a tin, where it cannot send out roots, or you'll have no more garden.
At least here, it is highly invasive and has killed more of my plants that I wish to recall.
And you have a beautiful garden!!!!