Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ten Thousand Days


I wish,
I wish for ten thousand days more
of blue skies and sunshine
and a breeze so gentle that
the heavy wind chimes barely move,
ringing out time softly
above the sound of water falling,
a gentle reminder
of days slipping by.

I lay like a cat
stretched out in the sun,
toes reaching for the edge of the pool
and feel the warmth of life
seep deep down into my bones.
With hands no longer recognizable as my own,
I grasp at the day,
not the years gone by,
just today.
Stay one minute longer with me
here in the sun.
Lengthen these ten thousand remaining days
by this one minute.



Tristan Robin said...

a gorgeous wish

I sincerely hope it's granted you!

Georgina said...

Wonderful!! What a great wish!!
Also, I told my hubby and friends about Ireland's tradition during St. Patty's day....we're planning a trip to Ireland next year!!! LOL


Marie S said...

Another gorgeous picture and I love the wish.
Good morning Sunshine, I hope you have a magical day!
Love and huge hugs.

KeKe said...

Lovely wish~ I hope it comes true~

Unknown said...

oh what a wonderful poem Deborah!!! I wish for more than that for you and all of us!!! I love your photo are always like sunshine to us...and I love that about you!!!


Marie S said...

Isn't kj's idea great?

Really Deb??? watch parts mmmmmmmm!!! LOL!!!
I love these girls and I am so in to making them now.
The Cernit comes is some in some awesome metallic-y gold-y colors, just perfect for these.
Thank you so much Deb! I am so glad you like them.

angela recada said...

Oh my this is lovely! I wish this for you, too.

Just A Girl said...

Oh Deb,
What wonderful words of wisdom! My weence heart melted as I read each and every one. You truly are a beautiful soul.

xoxo Cori

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Beautiful Deb!!!!

I see/feel/absorb all of it....every word, every nuance..... :)


Lost Aussie said...

Lovely photo and a most excellent sentiment!

Bella Sinclair said...

How beautifully romantic, your words! *swooooon*

Are those lemon blossoms? Wonderful!

Unknown said...

Darn!! I wish I could write like you.

yoborobo said...

This was just beautiful. What a talented lady you are. I wish this for you, too. xoxo Pam

Ces Adorio said...

I wish for just one day to have coffee or tea with you.

Ces Adorio said...

I wish for just one day to have coffee or tea with you.

Ces Adorio said...

I will pamper you as soon as I go back to civilization.

Manon said...

Hey Deb..... oooh....I wish this for you.
Yes, girlfriend, it was the most amazing day. I'm still trying to get over the time
hugs to you!!

Rick said...

mmmm...those minutes you talk of are all too rare and fleeting. it's a good wish you make. ~rick

kj said...

i missed a content poem? no way! i came over as soon as you told me!!

I grasp at the day,
not the years gone by,
just today.

this is my favorite line. all your hard earned wisdom, deb...i have this feeling you have become the wonderful sensitive self you have always been.

i hope you will keep writing poetry. but i know what you mean: i write so much more (and better) when i am melancholy. but you are afterall a midlife poet....

love you deb, take care

Javajune said...

Me too! gorgeous pic my dear.

LDWatkins said...

Truly a beautiful poem! You say the things I feel, especially this one. A wonderful weekend is wished for you. Hugs, Lynda