Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things said in passing . . .


Funny how sometimes something said in passing can get one to thinking . . .


I’m in a very good place in my life right now.


I am very comfortable in my own skin,

perhaps because it is looser. 


I’m slowing down and noticing all the beauty around me.


Oh, I’ve had pain and loss and darkness in my life


I just don’t live there anymore.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Age and wisdom can make wonderful partners, don't you think??? :)
I do.


Lost Aussie said...

I think you are in a very wonderful place and look absolutely fabulous sitting there!!!

Georgina said...

Love this, Deb. I love my age right now and myself. Thanks.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

"because it's looser"....

Oh you make me smile, Deb!

Unspoken said...

The secret, perhaps to overcoming the seasons of mourning is refusing to stay.

Ces Adorio said...

What's up with blogger I had something profound to say and it got eaten!

Ces Adorio said...

Here goes again:

I have everything I need and everyone I love.

The most difficult lesson is getting rid of toxic people who wanted to be in my life and learning not to hate.

I am blessed with true friends now.

I have many life stars.

I am in love!

yoborobo said...

Life, she is good. :)

Silver said...

These are beautiful! The selection of pictures and words put together complement the whole.. such positive and wonderful things said in passing deserves more than just one passing read!


Wendy said...

Beautifully said! I love your pics and the "looser" skin too.

Thanks for that wisdom - I am choosing not to live in darkness and pain anymore either.

Marie S said...

Gorgeous pictures, you have sun?
My skin is soooooooooo loose!!
Have a great week beautiful.
Love and hugs.

KeKe said...

Great post!!

Manon said...

Omg..... your skin is not! I do love the place you're living in now..... a happy place!!


Unknown said...

Oh so beautiful Deborah....and so are always so inspiring and you always say just what we need to wake up and see the wonder around us....I don't want to miss a second of it!!!


Angie Muresan said...

Oh, I so agree with this. And what She Writes had to say is right on.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

That is lovely! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi Sweetie pie!!! just popping in to thank you for the sweet Birthday wishes for my DAD!!! we had a wonderful time with family tonight!!!


MrBibleHead said...

It's amazing to me how God opened my eyes to all the beauty around me. When I think of all the autumns that I never paid attention to the changing leaves or the smell of spring... I'm just so glad that I realized the beauty and wonder around me , and have been enjoying it for 10 years now. Great post. Lovely pics Deb. Love the looser skin comment :o)

Ces Adorio said...

Not only do I have loose sking, I have extra, what happened, where did it come from? HAHAHAHHA! Just kidding.

Really what's with getting old? You are the most youthful beautiful 57 year old blogger I know.

...and someday I would like to measure up to those long legs of yours. Ugh, I am practicing wearing 6 inch heels.

Javajune said...

I love the place you are in your life, let me sit beside you and we'll toaste to happiness and saggy skin. I love you Deb.

Unknown said...

Hi My sweet Deborah!!! thank you for whispering in God's ear!!! you know Cole said the cutest thing today...I was watching the young and the restless and he always plays along side of me....and today he was parking his cars in the garage...then out of the blue...he take a car ...parks it beside one of his trucks and then looks at me and says...I am parking my sisters car...I almost adorable!!! and out of no where he says this....we would be so grateful if we could have another thank you for being so sweet and supportive!!!


Anonymous said...

Good for you, beautiful woman !
I hope to get there one day ( soon ).
What was fear is now compassion and it is soothing for the soul...
Much love and hugs

Just A Girl said...

Now that is a truly wonderful place to be!!!!!