Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring in the Desert


I’ve been missing quite a bit from the computer.

I’ve been having a little love affair with



With this iris and that iris.


Oh, and a little Jasmine here and there.


The snail vine has been quite demanding of my time. . .

a little jealousy in the garden with the

ever prolific iris.


The competition really heated up

when I brought in the Portulaca for the summer.


Margarita Mix

of course!

Spring is short here in the desert

So I’ll be back soon.





Marie S said...

Have a great time outside. I love all of the beautiful flowers you have. Thank you for sharing your love affair with me.
We miss you, but understand so well.
Love and hugs.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Gosh your plants are beautiful Deb! I think I would like some of each....especially that iris! (not that they would grow here, but in my DREAMS, you know!)


Tristan Robin said...


does anything smell as heady and exotic as jasmine in the sun?!

Unknown said...

oh, enjoy enjoy.

And I just got back from the nursery. It revives a soul doesn't it?

Bella Sinclair said...

Beautiful flowers! Hahaha, Margarita Mix, naturally. Have a wonderful time in the garden. See you again soon. xoxo

~Babs said...

Love your photos,,,this affair of yours is of the very best kind!

yoborobo said...

Have fun - we'll all be here! xo Pam

Silke Powers said...

Goooooorgeous!! Your garden is so beautiful! Our jasmine is about to flower and I cannot wait - it makes the whole house smell wonderfully! Oh, life is good, isn't it?!! Love, Silke

Just A Girl said...

Oh a love affair with your delicious!! And might I add that I too have been smitten by my weence plot of land. Oh how I wish you could see how breath taking is my white wisteria. She is blooming ever so profusely. Maybe a gust of wind will blow her scent in your direction.

Much love, Lovely Lady of the Blossoms...ooh! A new title for you ;-)

xoxo cori

Jan said...

Oh so beautiful! I have some portulaca seeds started but they are barely up yet, let alone flowering! I am looking forward to them, thanks for this little glimpse of things to come. Hope you are having a splendid day!

I think I can smell that jasmine from here.......

Ces Adorio said...

Do you hve a hammock? I need to lie down on the hammock. I am so tired.

kj said...

i'm with babs. what better love affair than this?

i see the iris insists on wearing white. that's okay, right?


Lost Aussie said...

Enjoy your Spring moments! The pics are lovely!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Keep the love affair going...the computer is ALWAYS waiting~

Javajune said...

Simply gorgeous... I wondered where you'd been and expected a really good excuse but I guess this one will do. Enjoy our beautiful spring!

LDWatkins said...

Lovely pics. Enjoy while you may...they don't last long, do they?

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Yep...spring color...nutin' like it! Enjoy your beauties!

Rick said...

I think you've chosen wisely
room for two?