Monday, May 10, 2010

By Morning Light


I love early morning light this time of year.  The colors seem truer.  Everything looks renewed.  By late July the plants will appear tired . . . tired of the summer heat, as will I.


Early summer winds add a little more color to the pond in the form of leaves and easily snapped branches.  Bobo is looking mighty fine today.

100_3013 The view from my yoga mat provides a new perspective on the garden.  Yep, being a lady of leisure certainly agrees with me.  I mentioned to the Brawny Man just last night that having worked for six years without taking a vacation, @ 3weeks/year,

I’m thinking I’m owed 18 weeks . . .

Little back yard Vacay.

100_3014 I’ve got a little plan growing in my heart that gave me the courage and faith in myself to tell the corporate buy out

No Thank You.

Perhaps I should venture a little further out the garden gate,

100_3019But then again, why?

It’s a pretty good view from where I sit . . .

I have everything I need.


Anonymous said...

Good morning= goede morgen.
Lovely lovely photo's Deborah.
Are you thinking of quiting your job ? Apart from your yoga mat I don't understand what you are saying..sorry and oh yes: the beauty of your garden ! I can see that. Wish I was there with you, but I feel like I am visiting your blog.
Have a nice day

yoborobo said...

You deserve far more than 18 weeks. :) Soak it all up and unwind. I love your pond with your fishies. Mine didn't make the winter we had. The batch before became a blue heron's lunch. I suspect the raccoons have been using them as tasty appetizers as well. That is why I buy the 29 cent goldfish. lol! Have a relaxing day! xox Pam

Ces, The Invisible Blogger said...

I read the statement "Perhaps I should venture a little further out the garden gate," I immediately responded "Why?" and you wrote the same thing!

Ryan's letter last year is such an inspiration. Ryan is my hero, truly remarkable young man. He does not know how much he inspires many people and give hope! Of course his parents are remarkable. Love truly makes everything possible.

Thank you Ryan.

How happy you must be Deborah, your life is a bowl of blessings.

We are a work in progress, trying, doing, mending, healing, loving, hoping, giving thanks.

We are so blessed. Never has a Mother's Day been so personally significant for me. I must have been crazy, I cooked a Praying-Hoping-Loving-Thanksgiving dinner!

Our home is our refuge, now I wish my garden is as beautiful.


Javajune said...

lovely garden. I'm so glad you are taking a leap of faith or heart or whatever. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy you deserve it all, my dear.

Kaerie Faerie said...

beautiful pictures, wow, nice yard, now if I could only acquire a green thumb. My Plumbago is finally growing whoa whoa

Georgina said...

Wow, what a gorgeous garden!! I don't have much of one to sit and admire, just my tomato plants!! LOL I know what you mean by the summer heat, especially brutal where you're at, but El Paso gets its fair share of 3 digit temps. and that's when I just have to sit in front of a fan and just chill, or as much as I can!!

Have a wonderful day and week and keep admiring you's wonderful.


Lost Aussie said...

You always post the most lovely pictures of your garden. So much colour and delight!

Unknown said...

I don't think you need to venture anywhere...when you have such a heavenly scene right in your backyard....these photos are goreousssssssssssssssssss!!!!

Have a wonderful day....


p.s. Cole loves your fish

Marie S said...

It is so very nice that you are fully enjoying your beautiful sanctuary! Good for you!!
If I had a place like that I would never leave.
The light in the desert in spring and fall is very very special. I miss that!
Have a wonderful, relaxing day!

Just A Girl said...

Ooh with such a lovely garden as yours who would need to go anywhere. Certainly not I!!! how is your dream doing today? I hope it's brighter and clearer and closer then you think ;-).
Happy Tuesday, beloved Deb.

xox Cori

Unknown said...

stay, enjoy
that's where the light is you said.

Bella Sinclair said...

You are in Paradise. A vacation at home is just lovely. Do all the things you always meant to do but were too busy to do it. Enjoy, you beautiful lady of leisure. Enjoy. xoxo