Friday, May 28, 2010

Let Us Remember


Wishing everyone a happy, safe Memorial Day Weekend, and a little reminder to take a moment to remember those who paid for our freedom with their lives, to embrace an attitude of gratitude, and to live life splendidly!




Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

And to remember those still in harms way, following in the footsteps of their fallen comrades......that we may live safely and freely.
May we take a moment for a prayer for them.


Unknown said...

wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend my dearest Deborah!! you and your family will have a wonderful time!!!!

Oh and so cool that you are a Sex and the city fan too....I am going with the girls next weekend!!!


Unknown said...

Wishing you a great Memorial Day weekend, x

Ces Adorio said...

How many people really understand or realize the significance of Memorial Day? Today we received a memo wishing us a happy and safe weekend celebration, how it is the official start of summer and YET not one mention of those who gave the greatest sacrifice so that we can have a safe and fun barbecue. What an irony, our company has many members of the Armed Forces Reserve.

I hope Ryan is safe. I thought of him today and wondered what he may be doing.

Be safe Deborah, dear. I love you. Tsup!!!

yoborobo said...

Amen, Deb! We owe a huge debt of gratitude to those that have lost their lives, and those that are serving our country today. Have a great weekend - xox Pam

Jan said...

Thanks for the gentle reminder of what Memorial Day is truly about!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Deborah. In my country memorial day is 4 may ( those who have fallen ) and 5 may ( the attitude of gratitude as you refer to ).

We also have another day: World Peace ( wereldvrededag ) : to remind us to stop violence and the effort of taking people out of lifethreathening situation anywhere, will it be hunger, desease, cathastrophe, war, stress, deprivation and oppresion...
While being in our garden of peace and spring today..let us pray for that too.
Much love, lieve groeten

Tristan Robin said...

Have a wonderful holiday weekend ... and I will definitely remember those who have sacrificed for our country!

Unknown said...

enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.
Exploding in possibility :)

love to you,
and to all of your loved ones.

Manon said...

Yes.... I always remember those who gave so much in order for us to have our freedom!
Happy Memorial Day, my friend!!
BEWARE of your fridge with all that beer in it!! lol

p.s. thanks for your lovely comment on Ces's blog!! It really touched my heart!! xoxo

Bella Sinclair said...

Bless all the soldiers. We could not be here without them.

Thank you for this post, dear Deborah. Great big smoochie kisses!!

Marie S said...

Thanks for the reminder! Let us remember and tell their stories so they are never forgotten, ever!
Have a great weekend Gorgeous.
Love and hugs.