Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Something Beautiful

60 degrees, warming up to 94 today.  Cool, crisp air, open windows, black birds chirping, swooping down on the cats.

Blue blue skies.

Oh ya, it’s something beautiful.

May you be touched by something beautiful today.

**happy smiles**



Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

I do believe I just have!


Georgina said...

That is beautiful! I've been getting a lot of lovely little signs that things will soon be beautiful again in my life...reconnecting to a very old friend, spontaneous discussions about the power of prayer, your beautiful post, my St. Jude candles at 50% off...also got a St. Michael the Archangel...need someone by my side to kick some ass!!! I'd forgotten about seeing those symbols but all of sudden, I'm being made aware of them....hmmm, wonder who could be behind it???

Have a wonderful warm day, Deb..will be here too...hot outside and hotter in here!! LOL


Sherry said...

Oh yes!! This is beautiful...you are beautiful, life is beautiful...and I thank you for sharing this today!! ♥

Tristan Robin said...


oh, my - we won't get that warm until August (I hope LOL).

We're sunny and breezy in the mid-60's...my favorite weather!

Manon said...

Hi Deborah!! That weather sounds so perfect!!!
Milo is here and on my blog...lol! I have a lot of work to do with him...lol!

Silke Powers said...

I think I just have been touched by something beautiful! You, my dear!! You are such a love! And I love you!! Silke

Marie S said...

I am in touch with something beautiful everyday!
You, sister friend, you!!
I am grateful.
Love and hugs gorgeous!
Oh, and Madi too!! LOL

yoborobo said...

Ooooh, i love that song! Now I have it in my head! :) Have a beautiful evening, Miss Deb! xox Pam

Ces Adorio said...

Yes1 i touched something beautiful today! Actually I touched a lot of beautiful things today:

I kissed Daisy and left lipstick marks on her face.

I touched my daughter's face and kissed her.

I touched my son's face and kissed him.

I touched my husband's legs and chest but he was snoring, so I could not kiss him.

I attended a meeting attended by my beautiful and smart fellow analysts.

I had a commentsation with the beautiful witch Mita.

I visited beautiful Bella's beautiful blog and beautiful art.

I said hello to beautiful Manon, who is torturing Milo.

I visited beautiful Katelen this afternoon.

...and now I am here leaving a comment on my beautiful sisterfriend's beautiful blog.


Ces Adorio said...

Beautiful Lady, this is the Landlady. Better save your bug Milo from the exercise nazi Manon!

Jan said...

I'm a little jealous, your low was 10 degrees higher than my high! It actually snowed today! Brrrr

Poetic Artist said...

This is a great uplifting song.
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Hi Deborah!!! what a wonderful way to start the day....you are always a positive light in my life...


Ces Adorio said...

Oh Deborah, I read your comment on my blog and I kept thinking that I replied, was dreaming that I was blogging with you. What a lovely thing you said. Your words are always tender and sweet. I love you too Deborah.

BTW, did you receive a Priority Mail packet today?

Ces Adorio said...

I meant to say thank you for your comment.

Javajune said...

You're singing my song, girlfriend. Your post is a perfect answer to my post today. Thanks for that. The skies in my neck of the woods are brillient blue-beautiful!

Silke Powers said...

Good morning, beautiful!! Wishing you another gorgeous day!! Much love, Silke

Just A Girl said...

Oh Deb, I can always expect to find something beautiful at your end of the blogisphere. I hope you have the most beautiful day. Hey what happened with the cuff's?

xoxo Cori

kj said...

see, this is your hope and courage, deborah. they shine. they are quite beautiful.

i felt so grateful that i have seen so many of these scenes with my own eyes.

wishing you a beautiful day.


Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, lots of touching going on over here. And lots of beautiful things. Beautiful people. Touching of beautiful people, by beautiful people. It's touching.

Great song, Deborah! It was a nice uplift to my sagging day.

Manon said...

Milo is such a bad boy!!! : )