Thursday, May 20, 2010


 100_3074 Isn’t just wonderful how life is always changing, how today I am living my dream of a year ago . . . how The Difficult Child can grow into ones greatest accomplishment, Angel Babies turn into beautiful, loving, strong women . . . how true connection of the human spirit can cross the boundaries of time and space and how people you’ve never seen with your eyes of flesh can become your greatest supporters as one gathers up all their courage and right in the middle of that leap of faith, just when you think you’re going down, the Sisterfriends reach out and carry you.  I’ve just got to say,

Its a Wonderful Life.



Kathie Brown said...

Yes, indeed it is.

Butterfly Works said...

Amen, Sister......Great post..

audrey said...

Beautifully said, Deb.
I sometimes think sisterfriends are the glue that holds us together.
♥ audrey

Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear friend, for the effort of reading my dutch in translation, must be hard. Thank are a real lovely friend trying to get the hang of my life...I love you.
Lieve groeten

Ces Adorio said...

I have in my office, a print of Bella Sinclair's "Entangled" illustration and her brilliant short poem that goes"

Our vines
Your life and mine

Lines play
Then stray
Never really going away

Gently, tenderly
Become tangled with me

(Entangled by Bella Sinclair)

Of course when I read that I was so overcome by love and joy for I find myself a lucky recipient of this beautiful woman's freindship and sisterly love. I am blessed. The angels must have plunged me into a difficult and ugly situation so that my dearest sisterfriens Bella sinclair and sisterfriend Arija will come into my life. I had enough. Yet love is limitless and I soon found myself surrounded by other beautiful, loving, honest and truly caring and unselfish sisterfriends. I cannot write when I am sad. I have to let my sadness flow in quiet and loneiness, so it is not surprising that I wrote the following when I was in the kitchen bantering in the blogs with Bella. She, you especially after what you did for me were in my mind when I wrote something like this. I have modified it to be less irreverent but I mean every word with all my heart:

Why do arms
That have never merged
And locked
And reach deep
Into the realm
Of each other's being?
Even time
And distance
Prove a strong resistance
And will not broker
A happy union
Yet their hearts and minds
Like ivy vine.

Deborah, I love you. You are my sisterfreind.

yoborobo said...

Aw, Deb - it is indeed a very wonderful life. :)

Ces Adorio said...

Aah technology cannot provide me a medium where I can write in italics and then convert it to digital font. These stinking small keypad is giving me crooked thumbs and making me look like an illiterate speller.

Anonymous said...

And yes, Love, Life is miraculously wonderful and connected...Thank you.
Lieve groet Godeliva from cross land,ocean and seas...

Ces Adorio said...

Oy you guessed it. Do you know that you can blog through a Sony PS2 game device? It's a handheld game box and it is cool. It searches available wifi connections. Ah the phones. Very tiny keypads indeed.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Sisterfriends are indeed the glue of the world.....we are superglue, I think. And at least one of us always has extra, to patch something up.
It's a rather good place to be! :)

Anne.....definitely going to try Live Writer....

Unknown said...

oh so true Deborah!!! our friendships can really carry us...and make us feel so lucky!!! God Bless you and your wonderful way to remind us to be grateful!!!


Unknown said...

and you know,
I never knew life could be this wonderful either. seriously.

Rick said...

Hey!! that sister stuff kinda cuts me out, don't it? hmph! ~rick

Manon said...

You are so right my sisterfriend!! You can't imagine how all your support has carried me through tough times and continues to.

kj said...

hi deb, how great to see even the title of this post. you are a bounce back queen of the highest order.

i can't imagine life without the sisterhood. i remember when i was newly married and before that when i dated. i and my friends saw being together as kind of a 'filler' for being in a relationship. now, how well we know how much we girls get and give to one another.

i can't imagine life without the incredible friends i've made through blogging. i am forever grateful. the inspiration, creativity, comfort, knowledge, and LOVE astonishes me. and yet, i keep reminding myself how important it is to have and hold on tight to local and in person friends, the ones who perhaps have expectations of me and i of them and who know my flaws better because there they are, visable and obvious!. when you talk about dee, i understand how precious that relationship is. it makes me glad for you, and glad that i am the beneficiary of that kind of friendship too.

the love and laughter and support and moments all spill into one pot. yes, deb, it's wonderful.

love love

Bella Sinclair said...

Life is turbulent and can turn on a dime. Thank God for sisterfriends like you and Ces who are there to hold my hand through the highs and the lows.