Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Weight Watchers On Line

I am writing to apologize for my outburst those many months ago when I logged on and you said

OOPS, you’ve gained 6 ounces!

Would you like to see a list of filling foods???

Somehow you knew that I needed Tough Love.

You knew how to keep me real...that the collective little bites of everything all day long added up to enough calories to sustain three construction workers, and you constantly reminded me that in my dotage I only require 3 calories a day.

I proudly come to apologize and thank you. No humbleness today.  Today I own who I am.

A 57-year-old woman who is comfortable in her skin...

Albeit looser skin.

100_3186two I post this photo today to affirm myself and to offer encouragement to any of my friends who desire to

Live Life Splendidly.

Even in one’s dotage.



Georgina said...

Way to go, girl!!! Seems we have to wait till we reach the "magical" 50's to finally come to terms with our self image and much more. You look "faboolous, daling!" Wish I were so lucky!!

I'm not there yet, have too much weight to lose...not for aesthetics but for my health. This damn Lexapro just wouldn't let me lose the weight and just held on and on and on, so now I'm on a journey of clarity and losing about 100lbs.!!!!!!!!!


Silke Powers said...

You go, girl!! You look amazing! I hope I look half as beautiful as you when I am in my 50's. Actually, you remind me of a dear friend we just visited with who is in her 60's and looks just as fabulous!! Much love, Silke

yoborobo said...

Deb - you are dropdead gorgeous. :) I am trying VERY HARD to lose some weight for health reasons. I think I will just eat cardboard and drink water. Was cardboard listed on the filling foods list? :) xoxo Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Here's to Dotage, Hot Babes, and Hair Bleach!!! (and chocolate too!)
My skin seems to be doing it's own thing at the moment; I assume a few more years and it will have finished racing to see which part can reach my nether-regions first.
I am what I am.
I just want to be healthy, feisty, full of it and laugh a lot!
And make art.
And piss some poeple off.
Not you.
People I live around that are fuddy-duddies!!! >:}
You look FAB Dahling!!!!!


P.S. to Pam---yes, shaved cardboard is on the list of filling foods. It's FIBER, and we NEED it at our age.

Ces Adorio said...

Yo baby! You want to go out with me? You sure look hot. Are you free this evening, I can show you a good time.

Haahahahaha! You have to read my comment with a deep voice like a baritone! Oh and imagine I have a mustache.

Just A Girl said...

oh this is such a darling post, beloved Deb and I love love love your cute!!! I like the new doo!!

Ces Adorio said...

I love that you took a poicture of yourself. You are so beautiful!!! Kisskisskisss


linda cardina said...

U LOOK AMAZING!! nice job deb! i'm digging your shirt. i just bought one similar to it!! hope u have been well.


Wendy said...

You do look gorgeous! Way to go. I've stopped fighting with my body - hey, at my age (grandma to 8) we can look however we want. Ha!

maría cecilia said...

Wow!!! congratulations Deb, such a good looking woman!!!!! You are my Guru now, my darling!!!!
Much hugs to you,
Maria Cecilia

illustration poetry said...

me too, i hope i look as pretty as you when im in my 50s!!!

illustration poetry said...

btw im 29 and still obsessed with my weight... hmmm.... :(((



but those smiley faces are for you.

Unknown said...

you are seriously rockin' that shirt.
and you are not seriously 57?

I noticed this new image in your sidebar, you are beautiful, inside and out.

Unspoken said...

I missed that post! Can't imagine what you wrote.

You are beautiful. No doubt of it. Keep kit real. It's wokin' for you.

Bella Sinclair said...

You cannot be 57. You lie! I demand to see your driver's license! Goodness, Deborah, you are one very beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated woman. You take good care of yourself, and it shows!