Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just Another Walk in the Park

100_3441 Boo Boo Kitty

The skies were filled with ominous clouds Friday morning as Dee and I started out on our daily four mile walk.  One-half mile out it began to lightly sprinkle.  By one mile Dee was wanting to cut it short, wa wa wa, but I got out my whip and said WALK DEE, WALK.  At mile two we heard screaming...louder and louder, and then we found the source; a teeny tiny baby kitty half way up a tree.  As I approached and reached out to get her down, off she ran.  Dee pulled an amazing block, keeping her from running into the busy street.  For twenty minutes in the rain, Dee and I chased her up and down the same patch of land along the fence, all the while the kitty continued to scream. 

I need a net, I told Dee.  Dee calls Gary on her cell phone, while instructing me to get down on the kitty’s level and keep talking to her.  Dee, there are rocks . . . BIG, sharp rocks, I said as I got down on my hands and knees in the heavy bushes. And tiny ants.  Up my arms. GET DOWN ON HER LEVEL Deb!  Gary has already left the house. 

Okay, I told Dee, I’ll run the two miles home and get my fish net. No, that will take too long.  I decided to walk down the closest street in hopes of finding someone out and about.  It is now only 6:00 a.m.  A garage door opens.  I run up the driveway shouting HELLO HELLO and describe my desperate situation.  The poor, frightened man scours his garage wall, repeating in a panic, I don’t have anything, I don’t have anything!!!  No worries.  You go to work.  Dee and Deb are on duty.  We’ve got it covered.

I turn around and there in the rain walking toward me is a


I don’t make this stuff up.  I tell ya, (and I mean NO disrespect), it was like Jesus walking on water to me!!!  I say, where’s your net???  He replies that he only does catch and release, smiling at me in the way one would smile at a mentally disturbed person that you feared was about to take your life.  I once again explain my situation, he nods, sets down his fishing chair, pole, and tackle box and says I’ll be right back, and brings me a brand new fish net!!!  Vincent, the fisherman.  Just leave it at the front door when you are done, and he walked into the rain, as mysteriously as he appeared. 

By now I have run up the hill twice to let Dee know I found a fisherman with a net, back down to Vincent, and now back up the hill with the net.  Dee is on all fours in the sharp rocks under the dense bushes cooing at Baby Kitty.  We hatch our plan; she will be the linebacker, keeping Kitty from running toward the street while me and my net are behind the bush, up against the wall.  We are dressed like Ninjas in our black yoga pants, two women on all fours, crawling in the bushes.  Just want to be certain you have that image in your mind.  Dee reaches for Kitty and all goes according to plan - Kitty is captured in the net!

I called Alice to tell her I have a baby for her.  She wants to know how do I know it is meant to be her baby, so I tell her story, and add,

Just be happy I didn’t make you take in the unconscious man Dee and found last week.

**the happy ending**


Unknown said...

oh you are always at the right place at the right time!!! so sweet of you to help out that poor little kitty cat!!! Bless your hearts!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day sweetest Deborah!!! you are amazing in every way my wonderful friend!!!


PoetessWug said...

Kitty rescued....Story told! Sounds like a win, win situation!! :-))

Kaerie Faerie said...

Wow, you are really awake at 6:00AM
The Kitty is so cute, great rescue
All in the morning exercise routine
You are to wild LOL

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I think you and Dee have earned your angel wings already!!!
Your mission is to help those in need on your walking're there for a reason.
And the fisherman? Holy cow--the symbolism is TOO MUCH!!!!
BTW---late today; we were formally welcomed into our new church home and it was a wonderful service! Trying to hit everyone's blogs but skipping and flitting.....
You're a good girl! :)


audrey said...

I tell you, Deb, you certainly do have exciting morning walks! The kitty is absolutely adorable. How sweet of you and Dee to do all you could to rescue kitty.
Now what are the chances of a fisherman walking down the middle of the road early in the morning? And he just happens to have a net in his garage? Unbelievable!
I can't think of a better way to start out your days than helping those in need.
Good for you!!
I am hurting less each day, Deb. It is getting easier to eat now. Thanks for asking.
Have a fun Sunday!!!
♥ audrey

Anonymous said...

She is so GORGEOUS, look at that half and half face she is special, sigh.
I love the fisherman part, good lord! literally!!
Im so glad that you are just like me, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to keep the world safe, so many people walk by. but not you and not Dee, {{{{ HUGS to you both }}}}

Marie S said...

You are a good girl and so is Dee!
Love and hugs Gorgeous.

Manon said...

Awe.... just woke up from under your to find that you had rescued a kitty!! Alice will be so happy that you were the one who found a saved her new loved one!!

yoborobo said...

Deb, - you and Dee are my heroines! Two grown women, IN THE RAIN, down on all fours kitty tracking - and you had to find a fisherman with a net first, which of course, you did, because you have a very sweet angel (but a very tired one) sitting on your shoulder at all times. All I can say is that is a very, very lucky, very adorable kitty. Yay Boo Boo! :)

Lost Aussie said...

What a gorgeous little find on your walk and the story to match.

~Babs said...

What an adorable face on that baby!
So glad the rescue worked out. Loved the visual of you achieving it!
I am so sorry I was out of town and missed your party. It sounds like a smashing success!

Anonymous said...

The early mornings really hold adventure for you, don't two are Saviors of the (w)first kind...always finding living beings in need ! Your Alice has a new baby now...Keep the kitten in the house for six weeks or you might have to rescue it again somewhere.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

You saved the Kitty!!! YAY! I think you should call him Fish!

Silke Powers said...

OMG, Deb, another rescue! This neighborhood you live in sounds very exciting!! I love that little baby kitty. And the story is wonderful. Yeah for helpful fishermen... Love, SIlke

Just A Girl said...

Oh that is just too cute Darlingest of Deb's!!! And how is the little kitty doing in her new digs with that big dog??? I seem to remember there being a big dog ;-O.
Gotta run and get ready for work so I hope you have a fun day. Oh guess what? My friend Gypsy, she's been hording cranberries in her stall. I was rummaging around her place this morning and found 22 of them.

Jan said...

What an exciting life you lead, lucky for all those waifs in need of rescue. You deserve a medal! or at least another margarita;-)

Rhonda Roo said...

Through rain & sleet & heat & snow-you two are definitely doing more than just lookin' cute in your yoga pants, oh yes you are!

I laughed and snorted and giggled because I can SEE it SO clearly in my mind's eye...

you look lovely even under duress I am sure, even when you look a bit comical at 6am scaring the bejesus out of harried worker bees who just wanna try and beat the traffic, for peties sake. :-)

Too too funny.

You're my funny lovely heroine!!! XOXOXOXO

Ces Adorio said...


You cannot make up this story!

This is amazing.

Oh good grief. I never noticed the wings before bu I see them sticking out of your shoulder blades!!!