Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mountains in the Sky


Good night, Saturday,

100_3604 Hello Monsoon.


Georgina said...

Hey girl, am here in your fair city and have been having a wonderful time with my sister. Loved the rain last night...drove my sis' kitty, Poshy, crazy...couldn't understand why teh "outside" was making so much noise!! LOL

I've been loving the refridgerated air...yea, I'm easy. No sweating, ocillating fans surrounding me...I could really get used to this!!! LOL

Take care and will come back next week to read some more of you adventures.


Ces Adorio said...

The perfect peaks! Do you feel the same way I feel sometimes about the sky? That I arrogantly think that the sky show is just for me because I look? I love the clouds and I also love cloudless skies. TSUP!

PoetessWug said...

Just beautiful...Whatever day it is! :-)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Stunning Deb! I so love the clouds...I have this poor computer stuffed with shot after shot of clouds---no idea which has been posted to blog.
It's like they are magic; the colors changing like a kaleidescope, the shapes morphing....beautiful, beautiful.


Marie S said...

Oh, that is absolutely breathtaking!!!
Happy sunday gorgeous!

~Babs said...

Such gorgeous shots!
Monsoon,,,we could use some of that!

audrey said...

Beautiful, Deb. Beautiful and calming. I am a sky watcher and have many many photos of beautiful skies. If you think about it....the sky is never, ever the same. It might be blue with white puffy clouds, but those clouds are in a different formation than ever before or ever again. Only the One who created the sky would be capable of giving us such a show each and every day. Awesome.
♥ audrey

Kaerie Faerie said...

so pretty, love it when the sky is pink

Alexandra MacVean said...

Love those clouds. I love "skywatching" and seeing what the clouds turn into as I drive on down the road. :)

maría cecilia said...

Hola Deb, these are very, very beautiful images!!!
I red about you wanting to be healthier!!! how inspiring to me is reading what you have experienced through walking and becoming much more healthy... a true inspiration... and oh yes, you are a so cute and handsome woman just as you are, very valuable indeed.
maria cecilia

Unknown said...

cloud watcher here too....

and thank you ,
you are loved Deb

Just A Girl said...

me likes the monsoon clouds hanging over your head. Hopefully they didn't mess up your hair...hee hee!!!!!

illustration poetry said...

Goodmorning Deborah, is it morning there???
what a beautiful sky, thank you for sharing... i wish i could show you my sky but it's 11.32pm now, maybe i could you some ghosts instead :D
do you like ghosts??

Unknown said...

oh wow Deborah!!! this is so neat!! !I love staring at the clouds to see what God paints daily!!! there are so many things you can find by just taking the time to look!!!