Thursday, November 18, 2010

JoY So Great It Cannot Be Contained

I just stole this video from Anne, cuz that’s how I roll.   And this video expresses how I feel today.  However, my wee old fingers are busy sewing and making Christmas delights, so no time for my camera.

SPC Ryan is home from NTC with his family, doing back flips over

Baby Bauer.

Bad Alice, who is not so bad at all, is happily dreaming of a


The weather is brisk and invigorating on my early morning walks.

Tom Turkey is in the freezer.

The Christmas Village, DebVille, is completed.

Brawny Man got all the Christmas Lights up last weekend.

The Chihuahuas are sleeping in their bed under blankets.

All Is Well.

To think that not so long ago at all, I wondered if I would ever feel joy again.

And now,

JoY so great that it cannot be contained.

May you be blessed with JoY today.





Unknown said...

I'm so happy for you,that I'm sitting here smiling and feeling happy for me,too.
Ummm....and could BrawnyMan come to Florida and put our Christmas lights up?YardBoy is running behing.

Anonymous said...

OK, so life is great...where is MILO ?
But I dó love how you love life, dear friend.
Lieve groeten
Godeliva van Ariadone

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Psssst! Readers of Debland; I *GAVE* her the video because I am a sweetie! (gag! snarf!)
Yes---where's Milo????

Anne....*TAP*ping like hell....

yoborobo said...

I would like you to bottle up some of that extra JOY and send it to me. It must be oozing off of those new counter tops, and running on to the floor! Quick! Jam jars! :) I am happy for you, my friend. These are good days there at your house. xox! Pam

Carousel Dreams said...

Deb, all is wonderful in your happy for you! My silly computer won't let me watch your video, but hopefully that will be rectified very soon...can't wait to see Debville! It sounds magical...I have been busy creating also (haven't picked up a needle and thread in years!) It feels good to be creating again...enjoy your weekend, my friend x

Silke Powers said...

OMG, I come here and starting thinking I am the greatest underachiever ever!! You are sewing Christmas gifts? You have your Christmas lights up?!? Excuse me, could you send BrawnyMan over here to help us with our lights!? Gosh, your joy is contagious - maybe I'll go bake me some cookies... Love, Silke

illustration poetry said...

and more love to you.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh, sweet girl, you overflow with it (joy)...

I will happily lap it up...and dream of better times...

Ces Adorio said...

So much to celebrate! What a gift it is. Life!

I am so happy for you my dearest Deborah.

You are my inspiration.

audrey said...

My favorite word in this world - JOY!
I am SO happy for you. I hope all this joy lasts through the Holidays and beyond!
BTW, did you get the email I sent?♥♥♥ audrey

Bella Sinclair said...

I cannot help but SMILE SMILE SMILE! Your joy is infectious and genuine and so well deserved. You are radiant, my dear Deborah. I can see a faint glow to my east. Is that you?

Big giant squeezes and warm kisses!!!

Rhonda Roo said...

Helllllooo loveliest of treasures~Congrats to you and your incredible family-expanding it is, by leaps and bounds!

I'm grateful that you (& I!) have happiness & comfort & joy. The world is desolate without it.

Love to you and yours-what wonderful world!