Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Silence

IMG_0873 copy

Echoes the emptiness of my arms.

My Sock Monkey, The Brunette, and The Grandson

are on their way back to Texas to prepare a home for the soldier.

Remember me, sweet baby, please remember me.


audrey said...

Oh, Deb, I'm sure it must suddenly be very quiet there. But you have all the wonderful memories you made while that sweet baby was with you. And, you are going to be very busy celebrating life with Brawny Man and making moving plans. The time will pass quickly until you see the little one again.
xxoo audrey

Ces Adorio said...

I know that feeling of emptiness. She will remember you. I think they also remember your scent. They also feel how you tremble with love and will immediately be reminded when you embrace once again. I am thinking of you. You and Brawny man are in my daily prayers. Take care dearest Deborah. Tsup!

yoborobo said...

Oh, I miss everyone for you! You'll just have to hop on a stagecoach and go see her soon. :) My house is getting quieter every year, Deb. Not sure I like that. Maybe we need to throw a party or two. I've been thinking of you! xox

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Many loving thoughts and hugs to you Deb~~I have been negligent in writing as I am sick with asthmatic bronchitis and just now getting back to the computer.
There will always be a piece of *their* hearts in yours, and vice are loved so very much oh blond one.

Hugs and prayers in abundance,
Anne ♥

Unknown said...

I know just how you feel.The kids can go home but could they please leave the grands here?Guess you'll have to start visiting Texas....

~Babs said...

Thinking of all of you.
I'm so thrilled the soldier is coming home. I hope for good!

I know that sweet babygirl will remember you,,, until the next time she feels the special love wrapped up in your arms.

Prayers, sweet Deb

kj said...

how well i understand this, deb. this i know from my work : the body doesn't forget.

i hope you will see one another soon and i hope you can look forward to when. i start aching when too much time has passed. a friend of mine calls this kind of love happysad. i know you understand.


Bella Sinclair said...


I bet you can still smell them and feel their touch. I'm sure they already miss you and Brawny Man, too.

You live in my heart and my prayers. Tsup!

Marie S said...

That baby will remember you always.

Madisyn only sees her great grandparents once a year, but she never stops talking about them and calls them on the phone and there there is skype. We even play make up games where we are visiting them and going places with them. No consolation now, I know.
But your arms will always remember.

I think about you and Brawny man everyday and send love your way.