Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You Carry Me


How can my soul not rejoice, for is the desert sky not cloudless and

blue blue blue.

My blessings are beyond numbers, and I thank You, Father God, for all of them,

especially my beloved Sisterfriends,

for you carry me.


Life’s messy; clean it up!


Ces Adorio said...

The best of sisterfriends are so much a part of us. They are a reflection of our soul and they carry us when we are down. I would be lacking without mine. I am grateful for mine. May God bless them always. Take care, darling Deborah. You are in my heart. Tsup!

audrey said...

Just "hello" sweet Deborah, sent along with giant hugs, kisses, love, and prayers.
xxoo audrey

Georgina said...

Hey Ms. Lovely, you and yours are in my heart and prayers...sending you many hugs and good vibes.


Bella Sinclair said...

Sisterfriends always carry big, absorbent mops and a great big bucket.

Sending you love. Thank you for these songs. I love Eva Cassidy, too.