Saturday, December 24, 2011

Please Help and sign petition

End abuse of Autistic students in Mercer County, Kentucky - Sign the Petition!

Why This Is Important

In Mercer County, Kentucky, nine year old Chris Baker, an Autistic student, was told by his special education aide to climb inside a gym ball bag for punishment to "control his autistic behavior" in mid-December 2011. He was placed in the bag with the drawstring tightened and left in the hallway in the school. When his mother, Sandra Baker, was called to the school to get her son, she demanded that he be removed from the bag right away. The teacher struggled to undo the drawstring, and Chris emerged sweaty and non-communicative. According to the teacher, this had been done several times over the last year, but Sandra didn't know until this latest incident. While she met with state officials on Monday 19 December 2011 before a possible meeting with school officials, there is no guarantee that those meetings will prevent this kind of abuse from happening again -- either to Chris or to other students.

If you think it's wrong to tell an Autistic child to climb inside a bag intended for gym balls and tighten it with a drawstring, which could potentially have led to serious injury or death, as punishment, then please sign this petition. This is wrong. This is abuse. It needs to stop.

8900 signatures are still needed!

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I realize that this is not a pleasant Christmas Eve post, but I also know I have awesome friends who will help.  NO CHILD should be treated this way, let alone a special needs child.  For those who do not already know, my grandson is on the autism spectrum, so this strike the heart of my home.  I promise pics of Das Babes tomorrow. 


Unknown said...

I signed.I,too,have a grandson with Asperger's.No child should EVER be mistreated.

kj said...

i signed.

as renee says, 'thank you for the privilege.'

merry christmas, deb. ♥

~Babs said...

YES, more than happy to sign the petition!
Child abuse, plain and simple.
By those that are supposed to be caregivers; advocates!??
Nodding with kj,,,"thanks for the privilege".

♥ to you for getting the word out,,

Just A Girl said...

I signed the one you posted on FB. So sad and yes!! No child should be treated like that and the teacher should be removed!!!

On another note...I haven't seen you all day LONG. I hope everything is okay in your world today <3