Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Memories of Christmas


The soldier and his family have long since returned to Fort Hood, leaving the “Papa Chair” empty until evening time, leaving our hearts with a longing for more time . . . more time with the grandchildren . . . more time please.

My Bad Alice has returned to work, leaving me without a walking partner once again; without my True North.


Empty arms and an empty house left me feeling a bit . . .

empty for a while.


(Ehren meets Itty Bitty Emma Kitty)

Yet, look here, all my many blessings, though some are a thousand miles away, all are right here, deep in my heart, frozen in time, in a memory.

And one click on my computer.

Today, Lord, once again, I give you my “busted heart”

and I’m not taking it back this time. 

***Prayers for my Beloved Anne***


~Babs said...

"desperate for grace"
I beg to differ,,,you are grace-filled. And it shows.

Your Brawny Man looks extremely happy, as does Ehren, babygirl with Kitty.
Beautiful photos all, and beautiful post.
I so understand your True North.

With prayers for Anne,,,,

Unknown said...

I love you .

and thank you.
and I pray without ceasing for more time for you.. for all of you , for all of us.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Beautiful photos Deb! You're the best my friend.....
And you know that my line is always open.
Thanks (as always) for the prayers.
Coming right back atcha ♥


yoborobo said...

Deb - what a wonderful family you have, and I know they mean the world to you. Sending you strength and prayers, my friend! xoxo!!! Pam

Georgina said...

Sending you many good thoughts and blessing, lovely lady. You are the best.


kj said...

the song is beautiful (sniff, sob)

and your family... your brawney man has eyes that light up a room. they glisten.

deb, wife, mother, grandmother, friend: what can i say? just ♥

prayers for anne, indeed! she is riding on feisty. plenty of fuel in that tank!